Ping 234: Wearable Tools, NASA Remembrance, Office for Andriod Apps

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Rick and Mark have now completed 4 in a row - does that qualify as an established habit or addiction? 

We're back - covering the news items MSFTies are Ping'in each other about. 

[06:38] Leatherman Bracelet puts 25 tools on your Wrist

[08:48] NASA Day of Remembrance

 [10:44] Xbox Music and OneDrive support for private music collections

[13:23] Office for Android Apps, Outlook for iOS and more

[14:35] Transfer Files wireless from your Lumia to your PC


Question of the Week!

[17:13]  What attachments or devices would you integrate into new Leatherman bracelet? 

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The Discussion

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    @Leatherman - how about a Raspberri Pi device with USB to be able to plug into a monitor or tv.

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    Well surprisingly enough there already is a SIM card tool on it, listed as tool 25.  Since I work in the cable industry I would love to see some sort of cable stripper tool. Also they have closed wrenches.  Would be nice to see some open ended wrenches.

    Btw, you are pronouncing it pretty well.  J T Zabecki pronounced like it looks z little a sound becky.

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    F7 in the title!

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    I always carry my Leatherman skeletool in the small pocket of my jeans. Fits like it was made to go there and doesn't get in my way. I absolutely feel naked with out it so I often check my bag when I fly so I can bring it with me. That said, the cutting hook will probably cover 85% of my cutting needs (no so good for food prep though). I'm seriously interested in this. I do use my pliers quite a bit though. One  issue I can see with the screwdrivers is the reach though I think it would work in most of the cases my skeletool works.

    What tool would I like added? How about a led flashlight?

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    @dtower - led light would be a key addition. 

    How about some type of flint/spark mechanism in case you get stranded somewhere and need to start a fire?

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