Ping 235: Wireless Phone Charger, Risk for Xbox, and the Next Chapter of Office

Play Ping 235: Wireless Phone Charger, Risk for Xbox, and the Next Chapter of Office

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    I haven't played in forever. I prefer to start getting control of South America and then I'll get as much of a foothold into North America as I can. When I start I move aggressively to take North America.

    I like South America, because it has only two external contact territories and it's easy to earn with only four territories. Australia is a second, but only having one external contacting territory means you can get stuck.

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    F7 (Spelling key in Word) in the title was for Andriod in the title:

    Ping 234: Wearable Tools, NASA Remembrance, Office for Andriod Apps


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    A few years ago I had the idea of creating a ''S.I.M. card-reader'' a small device that would read a S.I.M. card and then automatically install an app on your P.C. that would allow it to function as a phone, the inspiration came from the fact that phones basically became small computers, so I thought ¿why not turn P.C.'s into ''giant phones''? of-course I did not have the the financing nor the expertise to make such a device (I'm kind of a software guy, but I still love hardware, L.O.L.) and honestly I hoped that Microsoft would transform Skype into some sort of ''proxy phone'' in Windows 10 if it would detect the same Microsoft-account if the phone and P.C. linked were linked to it and would allow P.C.'s to send and receive both phone calls and text-messages and then charge it on the carrier like it normally would've.

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    I played *a lot* of Risk growing up.  Usually played six-person games, often in two teams of three.  One of my favorite strategies was to go for Africa first.  Reasonably small to get the continent bonus, two main avenues to defend that both allowed for good expansion as well. 

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    Hey guys,

    Pretty disappointed at the Microsoft Store staff.

    After watching the show, went to buy the wireless charger. I was more excited about it than they were. They had no clue about it and didn't even offer to look it up or order it for me.

    Actually, they asked me to go check out if Best Buy had...weak.

    Impulse buy has turned into researching other options.

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