Ping 236: Preview of Windows 10 for phones, Skype 5.2 for Android, and Bing predicts...the future.

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The Discussion

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    John VisioMVP

    Bing Rewards? Only available in the US. ;-)

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    Question for you guys - have either of you tried the HoloLens?

    Mark took my thought - would be interesting to see how Bing does with the stock markets (individual tickers would be cool).

    Gas price predictions would be nice.

    Predict when the Ch 9. xbox one app will be released would be cool :)

    Sales Price predictions would be cool - 'Im interested in buying XYZ - should I buy or wait' (based on sales price history)

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    How about matchmaking? Surely Bing cannot do a worse job at picking then I do myself. [H]

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    Enjoyed the show, always tend to ;)

    I am impatiently waiting for the Windows 10 update for the Lumia 930 in the UK.

    I am not sure what I'd like Bing to predict. Perhaps Formula 1? Lots of factors such as car design and parts quality, driver condition, track condition, rules changes, etc.

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