Ping 237: Battlebots, an unlikely pairing, Mars One selects its finalists

Play Ping 237: Battlebots, an unlikely pairing, Mars One selects its finalists

The Discussion

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    Well since an EMP isn't allowed, I'd have to say a radial arm saw-like setup.

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    ROBOTS!!!!!!!!   The hardcore flippers were good.  Also believe the spinners were hardcore good.  I actually had a good design a while back but this was long ago ...

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    Well I love the fact that battlebots is coming back.  I personally was a great fan and I have designed many robots for it.  I just never made it on.  I did go to my local competitions though.

    Robots name:  Draconis

    Weaponry:  Flame thrower( located in the middle of the hydralic pinchers), Hydralic pinchers(front), and spinning saws (lower sides).

    I hate to say it but it kind of looks like a modified Klingon Bird of Prey Ship from Star Trek. 

    Love the Battles.

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    I would like to see a flying robot class, due to the popularity of drones. It could be done without the use of projectiles like guns or missiles(e.g.: maybe saw blades in sync with propellers, hydraulic battering rams that when you ram the drone it punches them against the crowd protective wall or just destroys one of your rotors, or heavy weights you can drop from above another drone, if you get that advantage).

    I never felt like the tv shows captured how big these robots were. You felt like you watching like robots the size of RC cars, when reality was they were bigger than your lawnmower. I watched anyways, and was always fans of the flippers and saw blades ones

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    They need an autonomous division.  With AIs so good these days - I think it would be interesting to see if an AI robot could win against another AI robot - or even a human driven robot.

    To make it interesting - you could have it where there are 3 or 4 robots in the match...then the robot would have to decide who to attack (or maybe just sit back and let the others fight each other) 

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    I always hated the flippers. I wanted to see things get torn apart, not just flipped over. For my bot I think it would be cool to have a swarm of smaller bots that get released from the main bot. Each can latch on with magnets and then just start drilling in while the main bot pounds away with a big spike hammer.

    The other change I always hoped to see is for them to use AI instead of remote controls.

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