Ping 238: Microsoft Band update, experimental apps, Johnnie Walker gets smart

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Welcome back to Ping! We talk about the return of robot combat return to television, we chat about a one-way ticket to Mars on the space desk, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

[00:43] Comments from last week (BattleBots)

[06:11] Microsoft Band update adds cycling app, keyboard, and more

[07:01] Microsoft Band SDK Preview

[08:31] Behold, the NFC-enabled smart whisky bottle

[11:28] Microsoft rolls out free Office for students, worldwide

[13:29] Eight manufacturers will supply Formula E with custom parts next season

[16:08] Microsoft opens Garage door, shows off experimental apps


Bad joke time and Question of the week: [19:26] What would you like or make on the Microsoft Band?

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The Discussion

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    Have the band control whether the Xbox comes on or not depending on how much exercise it records you doing for the day / week / etc.

    Disabling Halo might motivate me.

    A game that features a character modelled on your own fitness would also be cool, but I'm not sure how well the band would be able to measure that. As your fitness improves, the character can run faster / further / etc.

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    John Visio MVP

    An emulator for the Band. Current development requires a real Band. I did have two Bands in my hands, but I had to give them back.
    An interesting app would be to relay navigation direction from the phone to the band while walking or cycling.

    In Formula E, are there restrictions on the length of the extension cords?

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    ping ping ping

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    @Geoffreyk: pong pong pong?

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    @RaringCoder: Way back when I was doing a heart-rate related video for on10, I saw a heart rate monitor that was also a universal tv remote and would turn the volume down and down if you weren't at your goal heart rate.  I've been looking, but I can't find a link... the original URL was "www . theentertrainer . com" but that's broken now :(


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    @Duncanma:as is my on10 video on heart rate monitors, but that I can hopefully fix.

    Found a new location for that heart rate --> volume control concept:

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    1.A consciousness detector by measuring heart rate and tracking motion pattern to warn the user or his/her contacts (or do more aggressive actions) when he/she is drunk, drowsy or in any other dangerous states.

    In memory of Mike Ey.. May he rest in peace.

    2. A navigation helper to show you the direction on your wrist while you're walking, so you don't need to hold your phone in your hand which increases the risk of losing your phone or harming yourself (because of being distracted).

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    @Duncanma: That's cool :)

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