Ping 24: Facebook, IPhone, Zune, SkyFinder

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With just a slight delay it is finally here. Find out what the 'Softies are talking about...right here:


Get your behind to!



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The Discussion

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    Victor Noguedad

    What about episode 23!!?


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    Paul, you're not a loner, I'd come see you stand-up if I didn't live in Canada.


    Laura, maybe you could get together some of your BFFs and you ladies could do a reply song to the boy band video of last year Wink

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    no link for the ping facebook page? therels like a 1000 things called ping on facebook Smiley (and  over 60 people called laura foy btw)


    OLED is awsome, its basically leds that you can "print" onto a substrate using ink. thats means extremly thin displays that also use less power. in the future it might even lead to bendable displays.

    also because the OLED are both the pixels and the light source, you get super high viewing angles. this also means that when an oled pixel is off, its not emitting any light, unlike previous techs (plasma excepted) that simply block the back light. this means you get super high contrast


    in other words, OLEDS are thinner, use less power, have higher contrast and have better color Smiley they're expensive now though and they have limited life, but that will most likely change as processes evolve Smiley check out OLED on wikipedia



    actually, bendable oled displays have already been demonstrated, but there arent any products yet. seriously, check out the wikipedia page, oled is awsome stuff Smiley


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    I'm loving the new ZuneHD but have you guys looked at the charging base for the Zune. It's freakin' huge. It's got 3 cables coming out of the back which I can't figure out. I'm thinking of getting one...but if the base is as big as it seems I might have to reconsider.


    Great show.



    BTW if you search on bing pictures for Laura Foy the first picture isn't even of's of some zoombie...wierd.

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    The 3 cables on the back are (i guess):

    # Power cord
    # USB connection to PC
    # HDMI output to connect to tv

    Loved the show as always!

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    Let's all chip in and  write Paul (I'd like to see Laura in it too) a new boy band video... I'll start...


    Here's the premise... A boy is with his girlfriend... She wanted to get romantic, but he can't think of anything but PDC09... He tries to convince her of how cool PDC is... You know... all the different tracks there? She wouldn't have any of it... Poof 4 backup dancers/singers pop out of thin air... Eventually, she couldn't resist the harmonizing... and gave in...


    Oh  baby, baby, all I can see

    When I look in your eyes, the logo of the PDC

    Please baby baby please you know well

    I got mad skill(z) with the Ess Que El


    ok.... next stanza somebody...

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    It looks like Ping is a Facebook group and not a "fan page".  I will setup a fan page... but in the meantime, here is the Ping group:


    Here is the new Facebook fan page:

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    joined and joined Smiley

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    Don't forget to join Scott Gu's fanpage. HE THE MAN! Smiley


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    Anybody heading to PDC?


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    Hey, I saw paul at the Parlor! Wish I knew about the free tickets. Lol.

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