Ping 240: Games, Iron Man lends a hand, world's largest growler

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Welcome back to Ping! We talk about the return of robot combat return to television, we chat about a one-way ticket to Mars on the space desk, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

[00:58] Comments from last week

[02:36] Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Blind Forest (Original Soundtrack)


[07:37] Screamride

[07:59] Robert Downey Jr. and Microsoft team up to give a 3D-printed arm to a child in need

[10:22] Meet four people helping to design the future of Microsoft

[15:31] DrinkTanks Offers the World's Largest Growler & Personal Keg

[17:35] The Mercedes-Benz F 015


Bad joke time and Question of the week: [21:36] What do you think are the problems and possible solutions with self driving cars?

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The Discussion

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    I just hope that woman aren't writing the software for these self-driving cars :) (that's a joke btw)

    One problem I do see is how insurance will work going forward - if there is an issue and an automated car wrecks into another car because of some glitch - who pays up?  insurance, owner of the car, manufacturer of the car?  Does it matter if its two automated cars wrecking - or if its an automated car and a normal car?  Will insurance premiums on automated cars be higher/lower than normal cars?

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    I get the premise of automated vehicles for the large segment of the population that only care about getting from point A to point B. Others are interested in the journey and overall experience of driving -- including myself. The concept of autonomous driving provides a good deal of anxiety for those of us in that category.

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    Hi guys. I finally found where to get postage stamps. Who knew that's what post offices were for?

    Am I the only one worried about an iRobot/Terminator situation? SkyNet or some other evil AI could really hurt us.

    More realistically though, I have concerns about

    1. the insurance issue that Developkc raised.
    2. with software updates coming, what happens when an update introduces a major safety or security bug? What happens if it bricks my car?
    3. and Privacy. How can I be sure my driving habits aren't being sold to advertisers or that government spooks aren't monitoring me remotely?
    4. And after all the high profile photo leaks how come people aren't panicking about the company that gave you fruit maps making a self-driving car?

    Lastly, (Tips on pronouncing my name - Fadz (eye) Chum-ba(r)) - almost perfect if you do it that way.

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    Simply cars should be turned into International Business Class.  You could sit up and interact with others, use the entertainment system if on your own or simply lie flat sleep.  The car could then really shake up the short haul domestic airline industry.  Why get up at 5am to fly an hour when you could go to bed and drive for 10 in a comfortable bed.  Just need road side freshen up lounges to get dressed and it's good to go

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    Mike Greenway

    You said he had "30 odd designers," wouldn't they be better off hiring normal designers?

  • User profile image

    , Mike Greenway wrote

    You said he had "30 odd designers," wouldn't they be better off hiring normal designers?

    I'm not sure those exist... :P

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    I just feel like I should comment =)

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    The "Robert Downey Jr. and Microsoft team up" story is super cool. 

    I've wanted to have custom messages pop out the top of my car and pointing choice worded signs at people who drive bad.

    The car would definitely need a xbox one. And I guess if I'm not driving a mini bar.

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    Oh and speaking of cars, we called out Project Detroit during the show, our connected car project.

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