Ping 242: Getting your Goat, MP3 to Vinyl, more TV on Xbox One

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Welcome back to Ping! We talk about the return of robot combat return to television, we chat about a one-way ticket to Mars on the space desk, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

[00:37] Last week...

[06:16] Goat Simulator will be chewing on your Xbox One and Xbox 360 from tomorrow
[07:54] This Bluetooth disc turns any MP3 into a vinyl record
[10:23] TV on Xbox Gets More Versatile with Over-the-Air Tuner for the U.S. and Canada
[11:41] Xbox One April System Update: Game Hub Links, What’s On and More Now Available
[12:11] Sling TV gets HBO and service upgrades on April 11, just in time for Game of Thrones
[15:03] StaffPad is a music handwriting app that’s real — and it’s spectacular
[17:10] IKEA Just Made It Crazy Easy To Add Wireless Charging To Your Furniture

[20:04] Build, Ignite
[20:25] Mary Jo Foley - #BeerIT

Bad joke time and Question of the week:
[00:25] Do you know what Sean Connery's favorite sport is?
[21:30] Poll - Which would you rather be, Goat or Long Neck Goat?

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