Ping 244: More Cortana, Lara Croft, world's first 3D fabric printer

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Welcome back to Ping! We talk about more ways to use Cortana, some new games for Windows Phone, the world's very first 3d fabric printer, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

[01:07] Celebrating Microsoft Solitaire
[01:57] Last Week...,
[03:48] Photo's from Gordon and Dan  

[05:16] Microsoft announces Cortana for iOS and Android
[07:04] World premiere uses Kinect to conduct, puts audience ‘inside the instrument’
[09:23] Combat foes in ‘Lara Croft: Relic Run,’ now available for Windows Phones, Stop and pop balloons in fun ‘Bloons TD 5’ game for Windows Phone
[11:02] New updates to the OneDrive Android and Windows Phone apps
[12:21] World's First 3D Fabric Printer to Make Future Clothing Custom, Seamless and a Perfect Fit

[16:56] Be sure to avoid the ‘Microsoft Lottery’ scam

Bad joke time and Question of the week: [17:31] What do you think the future of 3D Printable Clothing is?

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The Discussion

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    @rickstercdn 'look what I broke checklist':

    • Lumia 1020
    • # sign
    • ... what next :)

    Printable socks - or even repair holes in old printed socks!

    Or body armour - SCA, or army, or motorbike, or skidoo!

    For Ep250 go out of the studio, visit old hosts and the 'behind the scenes' guys and @golnaz89 of course! 

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    Rick, the next time you are about too break something, can I be there?  I did receive the e-mail from the microsoft / Yahoo lotto.  I went to my boss and said "I quit" lol  Then I told him that I won the lottery "Microsoft / Yahoo" to turn around and say "April FOOLS!"  Can you please tell people about the "Windows tech support call".  This is where some person with a heavy Indian accent call and states they are with Windows tech support when they are a real scam! 


    John Nicoulakos

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    Sports stuff makes the most sense to me too but I think it would have to be small. Custom cap or custom shoe laces?

  • User profile image

    Set it up so that it looks at tomorrows weather and 'prints' your outfit overnight based on the forecast for the day

  • User profile image

    Lara Croft so funny.

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