Ping 245: E3 News, Halo HoloLens, DARPA's robots, ASL support

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    Can you guys get some answers on why the fov of the hololens is so small and not likely to get much better? Will it get back to the January level and what's holding it back from a technical perspective, optics etc.?

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    "Microsoft Announces Surface Hub Availability and Pricing" links to 404 page

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    Curious if the Hololens FOV issue is technology limited - or limited just by cost.  Assume its a combination of both...either way, cant wait to get my hands on, err, head in it. (I have a bad feeling that it still wont be released by Build 2016, or even E3 2016 though)

    DARPA needs to add a test to lift and carry/assist a disabled person (on the battlefield a soldier gets shot in the leg and cant walk, etc.)

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    Can you please strip the obnoxious intro music.:(

    It sounds real bad


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    @ZyZ: Must have been one of those things as the Microsoft Announces Surface Hub Availability and Pricing currently seems to be working

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    Nice one. One of the things the robots will have to do is climb the ladder.

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    On the robot challenge, I'd like to see how they handle getting back up. I've seen videos where robots are self-stabilizing when you try to knock them over. I haven't seen any video on them self-righting themselves -- let alone in different circumstances.

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