Ping 247: Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, Giant Fighting Robots and the Commodore is back

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    Hi guys

    great show as always. I liked the build number 10240. I didn't know it was out and just saw that a restart had been scheduled to complete the upgrade. Something interesting with the build numbers since Vista (I think) is that it is exactly divisible by 16, and it increases by 1,600 each time (up to Windows 8 at least).

    I'm going to try to get a front row seat to the Giant Robot battle. I'm surprised this will be human controlled. I assume it will be remote controlled for obvious reasons. I haven't seen the entrants yet but based on their trash talk, I'll say Japan has this one in the bag. Perhaps Cortana can be updated to say something about this.

    Also happy birthday to everyone on your team with a birthday during this period

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    My money is going on team USA for the robot challenge. Japan will be too busy prettying their robot up.

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    Oh and possibly the other robot fighting film you were thinking about is Real Steel.

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    @RaringCoder: Thanks! I forgot where it came from, I should have assumed it was an xkcd :)  And Real Steel is a lot closer to our .  My imagination had me thinking more of a :D

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