Ping 28: Free Win7, Zunes, Xbox, Interface of the future

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Even with Labor Day weekend ahead of us the 'Softies were still hyped about these stories:

Interface of the future
Free Windows
I'm bringing Vista back
Gaming lives!


win7, Windows 7, Xbox, Zune



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The Discussion

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    Cool show as always Smiley but there was something wrong with your wide-shot camera, the image was kind of blurred – did it have to do something with a massive “9 guy” attack? Wink

    And to give some more specific details – Windows 7 Professional was released on MSDN-AA on 14th of August Smiley

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    I don't know about a tongue input device hehe


    (A bit distorted audio on my stereo, but cool show otherwise Smiley )

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    So do things like ...The Neural Impulse Actuator really work?


    Also one cannot forget Windows 7 this fall with DirectX 11! That is quite important to the gaming industry!

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    All I can say is the last link, "Gaming lives!" in the show notes doesn't work Sad

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    Crazy Eddie?!?! That's insane!



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    Sorry Chris- link fixed!

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    The shaky-cam was a bit blurry for some reason. The other 2 angles where perfectly clear though.


    Also, I agree with Paul. Not everyone wants or needs a large touch device and I would rather have a smaller Zune although the Maximum PC guys are saying that it's smaller than the website makes it look. I just set my Creative ZEN to hold and put it in my pocket, so small and simple is important to me.

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    Pattie Maes' TED talk was linked in one of the "Interface of the future" pages.  Very cool stuff!


    I had one minor quibble:  there was a demo where a shopper was evaluating different kinds of paper towels. Rather than making the problem difficult by using "image recognition" and trying to determine what kind of paper towel it was from its shape and visual appearance, they could have just scanned its barcode. Don't try to solve problems that are already solved.


    Which brings me to my "so easy why hasn't someone already done this?" idea:  a mobile app that uses a phone's camera to scan a barcode at a store and have it do a Web query with user reviews and prices from nearby local stores (or online stores).  EDIT: Looks like there are already several mobile phone barcode scanners.

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    I prefer the "Combine when full" taskbar setting.  You get the benefit of pinned applications, plus separate taskbar items for each window when there's room.  The only disadvantage is that a shifting visual layout makes it harder to remember the Windows-[number] shortcut keys for the applications you've pinned.

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    Where can I buy the "9 guy"?

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