Ping 30: Bing Images, Xbox anywhere, Browsers & Battery life

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Believe it or not us 'Softies found some really interesting news stories that did NOT have anything to do with Kanye West or the VMA's. Here's what really mattered at Microsoft Campus this week:

Browsers & Batteries
Bing images put to good use
Xbox Anywhere
The Xbox Anywhere Channel 10 story
Bing announces Visual Search
Lenovo Multi-Touch

Who should we have on next??



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The Discussion

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    Laura and Paul... you guys are really good and I'm gonna let you finish...


    But This Week in C9 had the best episode ever... EVER!

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    Good show Smiley


    I wonder how the XBOX streaming is going to be executed, I can’t image that the video will be sent over the network because that would LAG a lot, so probably the video part of the game would have to be rendered on your machine from which you are connecting.

    That means that you have to have some good graphics equipped in your machine.


    Nice shot with the Channel 9 Guy Wink I wonder if you cleaned the camera lens while removing him because you had some spots on your wide shot Wink

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    Did you know that if you type "search" in and hit "I'm feeling lucky" it takes you directly to Bing...

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    Did not work for me. Went to


    Now if you type "Where is Chuck Norris" then hit I am feeling lucky...


    It is not google, but it kinda is?

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    To me it looks like this may be a case of IE doing less work or skipping work. Eg. if you scroll a page in ie, it doesn't render as smoothly as in Opera. Did IE perform same amount of tasks in same time as the rest? Maybe IE did things slower to avoid the CPU from dynamically increasing clock rate.

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    If you want to interview a blogger, why not Long Zheng. He's even a Niner.

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    Great idea Dentaku! He was definitely on our list Big Smile

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Laura, I love your multi-touch mocking gestures, made me laugh.  I’m really anticipating what the market will do for existing LCDs to add multi-touch support.  I don’t think many of us are going to throw away our 24 inch LCDs and buy new ones.  I’m really expecting to see add-ons that will enable this functionality.


    In terms of potential, I don’t think we’ve really seen what the impact multi-touch will have on computing.  We’ve seen the “vision” videos, and the classic “photos” demo, but what developers will really do with this technology will be very exciting. 


    I don’t think we are going to type on our screens, but as Paul mentions, digital white boarding can be very frustrating with current tools.  I find myself taking a picture of a whiteboard and it’s often very static, not easily translated into Visio unless you trace it, and still you can miss certain details.  I can even see the use with video editing, AutoCAD, even using gestures in Excel to pivot data in interesting ways.  The mouse is quite limiting.


    In terms of someone to interview, I think the question is a little broad.  Perhaps you could interview someone who is outside Microsoft.  Someone who could give a unique perspective on the recent announcements from Google and Apple and how that person sees it impacting the company.


    Maybe someone like Paul Thurrott, Leo Laporte, or even Mary Jo Foley.  They really represent the non-developer crowd, but still cover technical topics from a consumer perspective.  Even Rafael Rivera would be an interesting choice.


    Keep up the good work.




    p.s. How is Max?


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    Thanks for the shoutout but there's two problems: 1- I'm in Australia and 2 - I'm camera shy Tongue Out


    P.S. Thanks for all the plugs on Ping. Smiley

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    That's what Skype and some "liquid courage" is for!  (just kidding). Where in Australia are you?

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    no link to the lenovo article? :/

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  • User profile image

    ... nice, Minh. Wink

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    awsome.. but pricey :/

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    I would like to know what the Microsofties are talking about the MS Courier Tablet. 


    Very wantable! And touchable! Might get Laura to switch her stance on touch.

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    I'm thinking I'll wait till I get official word that the device is real. But if it damn! Sexy Smiley

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    i know that you dont refuse any request from me


    i suggest Beth Massi

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    that is hot..

    this one seems pretty cool too Smiley 500 bucks, but still

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