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Ping 31: Ars Technica, Website Spark, Embedded Spark, Cougars

12 minutes, 29 seconds


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We added people to the party this week and invited Emil Protalinski from Ars Technica to join us- check out what he had to say about this week's top stories and more:

Windows 7 early release
Windows Marketplace Clarified
Application compatibility
Free software with Website Spark
Calling Embedded Developers
Cougars on Campus


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  • CKurtCKurt while( ( !​succeed=try​() ) ) { }



    In the Cougar part (witch is the last previous real topic) there where 3 nice guys

    9 in the real previous part about Windows 7 party comedy  Wink You are holding one to Laura!

    Love PING btw !

  • There were 3 Channel9 Guys in the previous segment- that is the Cougar story segnment (nom-nom-nom...) , considering each segment as between each green 'ping' logo displayed with almost always 'Next' call.

    btw I would love to have a channel9 guy on top of my desktop monitor.


    I have watched each and every episode of ping till now and keep backing them up on DVD to watch them offline on my Zune.

    Why you people are not much active on twitter, tweeting at least more about ping's episodes.  @lfoy seems to be bit active recently.

    Given a thumbs up rating to ping !!

  • There were two 9 guys on last ping episode (30)....  It was the same one that  Paul threw that got stuck in the camera...

  • Where is Episode 29?

  • Paul MestemakerPaulMest Former Ping Co-host

    Sometimes Ping gets accidentally posted under Laura's section of the site instead of the PingShow section.


    Ping Episode 29 can be found here:



    And here is the Facebook page where we post the links regardless of where they end up: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ping/115099282054.

  • Is it normal that I can't hear anything on this episode, whether it's with Firefox or IE 8

  • Can you not hear ANYTHING or just having a hard time with the caller segment? You should hear something throughout- with it being a bit muffled when Emil was on.  (and we will fix that for next time)


  • Nope... just to make sure that the problem wasn't my audio card I opened your Ping 29 and 30 and I can hear everything. If I open #31 I don't even hear the ping song at the beggining!

  • Ok, I remember you guys saying that would be no more “the first one that <insert-challenge-here> will win <something>” and I got happy, because the issue with people in different time zones, and who couldn’t watch the episode as soon as it came out.  However, I have this feeling that I heard that “the first person who can write in the fore comments how many nine guys we had in the last segment, you’ll win something…” but I refuse to believe that and I chose to believe that that was just another of those voices in my head.

    BTW, I prefer to download the episodes to watch the high definition WMV version. Sometimes the video get corrupted. Last one (#30) stopped near 6:00 then I downloaded it again using a different machine and ISPs, and today this one (#31) had audio and video out of sync, so I had to download it again. Thus, there always will be something that may prevent someone to watch an episode just in time.

  • rholdorf- so sorry you're having technical issues! To make you feel better if you send your address to ping@microsoft.com...we'll send you a shirt Smiley


  • Nate GreenwoodDreadnaught Respect mah authoritah!

    Ya, I can't hear anything either. Just the tinnitus ringing in my ears. This is on both Firefox and IE 7.



  • I liked the guest star, it would be cool if you could have them there in the studio one time or an outside broadcast from where they are?


    How about Anand from Anandtech or Tom from Tom's Hardware?

  • Paul MestemakerPaulMest Former Ping Co-host

    That's good feedback rholdorf.  For smaller prizes, we can likely give out some to the first commenter as well as a random selection from all of the people who were right.  For larger prizes, we would want to allow multiple days for entry... but there will still have to be a cut-off point.

  • The problem with the sound seem to come from the embedded player on this page, cause if I download the wmv ( high ) format it works great, but I can't listen to your show through the Silverlight app on this page.

  • Awesome! Email sent. I ‘m definitely felling better Big Smile

    I’ll think about this release-to-consumption time line and will share with you when a nice idea pop out.

  • How about a 24 hours deadline for larger prizes? From the time the show becomes available then the viewers have 24 hours to reply a challenge and amongst the correct answers a random selection will be made to pick the winner(s).

    That would give enough time for people around the globe to participate, especially those who watch the show as soon as possible.


    I’m already eager to watch episode 32 Wink

  • same problem here playing the embedded content with the SL player, no audio at all just video.  TWC9:Sept25 has the same problem. had to click on the wmv download to get audio with the video..

  • My boy Emil FTW!  Where were you talking from?  The lobby of that big building on campus ?! Smiley

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