Ping 35: Hanselman, Windows 7 launch, Sharepoint 2010 Beta, Pointless apps

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We added some serious energy this week by injecting Ping with a large dose of Scott Hanselman. He had lots to say about these stories and even more off camera Smiley

Nerd Dinner
Microsoft store opens
SharePoint 2010 Beta
There' an APP for that- but why???
777 free copies of Windows 7



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The Discussion

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    Oh. My. God. How can someone not know Bruce Campbell?


    (Is Dutch.)

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    I know, we almost threw him out of the Studio but we opted for forgiveness. Paul has since learned Smiley

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    I binged him and recognize his face.  I've definitely seen him in a few movies.  I've also added The Evil Dead to my Netflix queue so the next time Scott is on the show, we can grill each other on B movie trivia.

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    Don't forget to go on eBay and get your boom stick Smiley  It's like those foam fingers you get at the stadium.

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    shoudnt the hanselman groupies be called the "hanselmen"? where do i sign up btw? Smiley

    didnt know about the gupies either, are they the same as the gu fans on facebook? Tongue Out


    also, what is "bubbahotep" you ask? well check this out,  (he also revired some other bruce cample movies and is awsome in general)

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    I've been involved with the "777 copies of Windows 7" campaign in the Netherlands. And it's not like Scott imagined: everyone in Zevenhuizen (a town in the province of Groningen) that has a machine capable of running Win7, got his copy (a DVD) of Windows 7 Ultimate (actually they got two DVD's: a 32-bit and 64-bit copy)


    I myself even upgraded the machine of an inhabitant of this rather small but picturesque town from Vista to Win7. It was quite fun even!


    Needless to say I am Dutch and I have heard of Bruce Campbell, or Ashley "Ash" J. Williams as he's probably most famous for.


    Nice job on the show!

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    777 campaing does not look very ethical to me.


    Come on guys, if product is great you don't have to be predators, people will buy it anyway. Don't turn into google monster.

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    Just wanted to say I have never seen this show, and loved it!  Really good.  Looking for more hosts?

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    Hi Danna! We are always looking for content contributors! if you have ideas for stories or will be in Seattle - let us know!




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    Good story and fun clip, thanks Smiley

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