Ping 36: Zune, Seth MacFarlane, voice recognition, Impatient Optimists

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Paul drank his funny juice this week and spewed it all over this weeks episode. Here's what people were chatting about:

Halloween! Bugs! Killers!
Take a blade to your Zune
Family Guy not the right fit
Voice is the new touch
Bill & Melinda Gates: Impatient optimists



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The Discussion

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    Ok so this is the fourth week i've hesitated to ask but what Band are you in Laura, and no Pink or Tank Girl.... we are geeks not gullable Smiley

    Ok so I'm gullable Smiley but still! I've seen your act before!

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    Voice! woot! woot!

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    Well, that's ironic. I'm loving my new Zune HD, but I was pretty bummed to find a scratch on it (already!) recently. Not sure how it got there, but I suspect it was one of those times I forgot and tossed it in my pocket along with my keys.

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    I tried to use the voice recognition in Vista a while back when my wrists were hurting too much. I gained a new-found sympathy for the disabled. Science fiction might have predicted a lot of things correctly, but people wanting to talk to machines isn't one of them (neither is video phones - does anyone use that functionality ever?).



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    Watching anyone intentionally scratch electronics makes my stomach turn.  If they don't want their Zune HD, I'll take it, and I'll take better care of it.

    Paul, kudos on going as Facebook for Halloween, original and hard to pull off.  I wore a suit to work.

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    Ha! I remember the Corelle adds from the 80's. I even tried it back then with a plate and it didn't break but since then I have broken Corelle stuff and it shatters into lots of little incredibly sharp bits.

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    Just curious.  Does it use a polycarbonate sheet with the 3M 906 abrasion resistant coating?

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    Maddus Mattus

    Stop throwing the Nine Guy!


    He told me, he doesnt like it!

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    Is that older lady commanding Dan around a niner? She seems unfamiliar...


    Other than that, just to get the fun out of it, in order of appearance:

    Dan Fernandez
    Laura Foy
    Tina Wood
    The faces on the wall that aren't masks?


    Tongue Out

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