Ping 37: SQL Server, WIndows 7, Bing, Google, Bill Gates Birthday

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    and why i wonder when i see laura whenever twitter is bring to the table that she talks more much than paul abt it as if she really use it that much when she is really just use it to update us with the newest episode of the series


    and what abt the bill gates happy birthday wasnt mention in the show though we see its link here


    and why i have that feeling that episode 40 is going to be so special that i have this feeling that they will bring beth massi or amanda silver to the show


    well lets wait and see


    and abt pdc  the said that keynotes will be streamed live so any info abt it url or anything


    and paul can u talk to us next show abt MVP program and how i can be an MVP (well i am thing of free msdn subscription here .... lol)


    so thats it


    waiting for ur reply


    oh wait last thing


    abt BING

    why those histroic things you talked abt it doesnt apply outside US . or they are going to make it happen in the next version


    thanks all

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    Beth Massi or Amanda Silver....interesting, thanks!

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    Glad to hear that I am not the only one that thought the video was too small. The new player size is much better, but I prefer watching in full screen. The Silverlight video player doesn't work very well in full screen if you are using multiple monitors, but I made a bookmarklet for Channel 9 that resizes the embedded player to fit the whole page. Works great!

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    That's so cool- thanks gbrayut Smiley  Although full screen Silverlight works fine for me. Anybody else have problems with it?

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    He's referring to how to keep it full screen, it needs to maintain the focus.  Once you click elsewhere, the video becomes smaller.  With his approach, the video stays large no matter what else you're doing on the other monitor.  Cool stuff!

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    BingAndGoogle can't search for anything containing #... I usually search for C# related stuff... so I guess I'm out Tongue Out

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    Laura, I'm skeptical of your fandom when you refer to home plate as "home base".  Oh well, at least you're making Yankee fans look bad and not Mariner fans.  


    Also, I've noticed a couple times now that the video player doesn't respond well to going back in the timeline.  For instance, I wanted to go back and make sure that Laura actually said home base and I wasn't just hearing things, but when I clicked the time bar to go back a few seconds, I was met with a never-ending loading circle stuck at 00%.  I eventually had to refresh the whole page, which of course started the video over again.  Not sure if it's just me (I'm using Chrome, so maybe that's it?) or what, but thought I'd let you know about it.


    Enjoy the show, keep up the good work!

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    Actually- about the "home base" reference...that was said when we technically weren't supposed to be shooting and I was making a joke about how little Paul knows about sports- but I think the first bit got cut. What I said was "My football seats are right behind home base"- which clearly makes no sense...but Paul didn't pick up on the jab Smiley


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    Cool stuff! keep up the good work!




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