Ping 38: Facebook SDK, MSN Video, Bing, Bill Gates, IE8

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    I hope very soon means PDC Smiley. Btw. how could the cameraman not notice that you were looking at the wrong camera for like six minutes ? Big Smile

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    Oh, there was supposed to be an announcement on the post... the software digitally capturing our middle shot had crashed after about 2 minutes so we only had footage of the whole show from the outside cameras.  We didn't find this out until after we were done shooting :-/


    Given that we only had the two outside cameras, though... I think the editing was done pretty well. Wink

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    I have been waiting for MSN video to switch to Silverlight but I really miss being able to browse and add to the playlist while a video is already playing.

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    I like Dolly Parton. I like her music and where she is from. I don’t think she has forgoten where shes from. She is a self made woman. I can’t imagine only liking one or two genres of music, or not having some appreciation for country music. In an attempt to be hip we walk on by and miss so many things. I would suggest listening to Dolly Parton’s coat of many colors song. You might like it, you might not but i think she wrote the song and gives some insite into who she is. I think its funny she admits to not knowing much about computers. i think she will reach a great group of people with her message. The gambler by Kenny Rogers is a good one as well.

    I was disappointed to see users ability to upload video on soap box go the way of the Dodo. I hope Bing Video will let users upload video once again. But ether way I look forward to seeing Bing Video. The way the MSN video is previewed is so much better than that other companies.Wink

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    Manish Kungwani

    Hey guys,

    Another great ping... Big Smile .

    Is there anyway to win those Nine guys????

    Those are awesme ...... Big Smile Cool

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    For sure! Send yoru address to


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    If you want to know more about Microsof MVP program and how to become one, read my long post on How-To-MVP:


    This should explain what it takes.


    Another point - Ping never mentioned, HOW to get referred, here is the easiest way - go to: - and ask one of the current MVPs in your category of interest to nominate you, this carries a lot of weight if you get reffered by a current MVP, also a local Developer Evangelist can support and mentor you.


    Only draw back of MVP Program is that you HAVE to become a leader/influential in a specific category. One, not two or three.

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    ok here is my story


    i am the one who asks abt MVP


    i am fourth year medical student (yes i am) who loves programming so much that he contribute in any programming site as this one and many others

    added many leaders in programming in my friend list in facebook so i can benefit from them ideas and so forth

    i have leading forum helping people and have my own blog(well lazy on the blog stuff so not rich blog)


    now let me ask you again

    can I be MVP?

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    I am SO glad that finally someone touched on Microsoft's sites and branding being ridiculously redundant and complex.... I'm even happier that someone from inside Microsoft touched on it.


    I've hated the "Windows Live" branding for some time.... I think MSN made sense... it's a Microsoft Network.... but those websites weren't Windows.  In fact, I've long been an MSN user and Windows Live user, but I have a Mac.  Bing is a good move... so either pick Bing or MSN... or each to be accessible by the other.


    Hopefully more sites get this same treatment... and hopefully we finally get rid of Windows Live Hotmail and maybe either get Hotmail back, get MSN Hotmail, or Bing Mail.

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