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Ping 39: Chrome is here, Dancing in MS Stores, Iphone & Bing

14 minutes, 3 seconds


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Paul was gone this week but we quickly filled his place with Microsoft Software Development Engineer, Adam DePue. Here's the top stories that 'Softies were talking about post-PDC.

Chrome. Really.
Dancing breaks out in Microsoft Stores
What the kids are doing these days
Natal- the best of '09?
Bing & Iphone working together


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  • Ay caramba, that store dancing was scarier than the "Bug Killer" halloween special  Devil


    Great show, keep up the great work! 

  • Video not working!!!

  • Nice ping Ep. Missed it last week.

    Talking of Natal - that will be amazing playing XBox with our gestures without any controller. It reminded me of this project - 

    The SixthSense device – that will change how we interact with the World

  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...

    I like the dancing, I like to dance.  But 2 things.  It went on way too long,  the song is a bad dance song, and the clapping should stop.  1 minute random dancing would be better, then back to work.  Customers looked dazed and confused.

  • Sreekumarsreesiv Hype Buster

    I also have some reviews on Chrome OS posted on my blog. I am using Blogspot, writing posts criticizing them and requesting them to put Ads in that blog and pay me money. How cool is that? Smiley But they are constantly rejecting my application Smiley




    Please check out my other fun filled posts too http://sreesiv.blogspot.com/"> http://sreesiv.blogspot.com

  • Dean Corcoranpokeystuff www.​PokeyStuff.​com

    Video is not working and neither is the downloads... seems to be happening a lot lately with these websites.. Channel 9 / Channel 10 / Edge.. they seem very buggy. Not a good thing when this creates a bad impression of Microsoft.. time to fix it...

    Also i have noticed a lot of spam appearing in the posts!!!!!


    Please fix soon.

  • Any idea when the laptop that was given away at PDC will become available for purchase for the rest of us?

  • I've seen some on ebay... (the special PDC unit)

  • pokeystuff- what problem are you having? I want to report this to our devs but the files work for me so please explain in more detail what errors you are getting- thanks!

  • Oops, I did not mean the laptops were actually given away. I heard that ASUS will be making a version (hopefully with same or similar specs) available for purchase via regular retail outlets.

  • Dean Corcoranpokeystuff www.​PokeyStuff.​com

    Thanks for getting back Laura, It seems to be working now...


    The errors I was having seemed to be related to missing content. The silverlight version was reporting media failure and the downloads (MP4, Zune, WMV etc) were reporting error connecting to content.. (I cannot remember exact message) If is see it in the future I'll be more precise.


    Also I'm in Australia so maybe the Dingo carrier we use here was asleep last night.. Wink


    thanks again.

  • this video takes ever to load.....cannot download the wmv file either stops midway.....all other channel 9 videos are playing ok except this one.

  • Hello Laura10 and ans.ans


    It appears there is something wrong with http://ecn.channel9.msdn.com/...


    I have noticed when I download .wmv files from that server directly, I can never get a whole file.


    Normally, that's not a problem but the server's ability to resume downloads is broken.


    I have done a quick test and noticed that, while it does respond with a 206 Partial Content header, no response body is included.  The connection appears to just time out.


    Files hosted on http://mschnlnine.vo.llnwd.net/ appear to be fine.



  • Dean Corcoranpokeystuff www.​PokeyStuff.​com

    I take that back... there seems to be problems downloading the files.. They stop downloading midway and at any point.. sometimes 1 MB other times 8 MB but I have not successfully downloaded more than about 10MB. Looking at other people's reports it seems to not be isolated. I noticed another video on edge.technet.com was doing the same recently. So it is not the Dingo after all. Smiley

  • The close mindedness you have towards chrome is why it will succeed without competition. Lets face it. Most people in a year or two will be constantly connected via 3g or faster. Netbooks already today are coming with that capability built in. Additionally one of the key features of html 5 is the ability to run offline. Chrome is not aimed at the techy or professional. But for my parents who just want to youtube it, email and aim its perfect. The computer will work and I wont have to get calls about viruses or driver issues.

  • I think these chrome netbooks are going to come with wireless capabilities such as the Kindel brought, where users can download a book from virtually everywhere.

  • Dean Corcoranpokeystuff www.​PokeyStuff.​com

    Video is still not working... I have not seen past about the 1 minute mark..

    Downloads are not working either and if you choose another format such as PSP MP4 it redirects to the audio file m4a???

    I have now tried several ISPs. Also videos from other C9 posts seem not to be working either.

    Maybe this problem is region specific!!! I'm sorry I will miss this episode.. If you guys want me to try anything just let me know.


  • What  OS are you using?


  • Hello Laura10


    For this test I used Ubuntu (chill out though. It's not my primary OS.  It's running in a VM).


    Ye har.  After running wget -c (and 14 resumes later !!!) ...

    I finally have http://ecn.channel9.msdn.com/o9/ch9/6/9/8/9/0/5/Ping39_ch9.wmv down.


    Notes: this time ecn.channel9.msdn.com =

  • Hello PokeyStuff


    What does ecn.channel9.msdn.com resolve to for you?


    If it's not, maybe try editing your hosts file.

  • Dean Corcoranpokeystuff www.​PokeyStuff.​com

    Laura, I am using Windows 7 x64 RTM... But I have also tried on Windows XP SP3 x86.

    I tried downloading again and got approx 56MB of 168MB...


    s3m4ph0r3, ecn.channel9.msdn.com is a load ballanced address which will return various IPs why would I want to lock in to one address?? the addresses resolved so far are,,, Is 219 the only address that works? If modifying my hosts file is a fix than there must be a problem the infrastructure.


    Dont worry guys.. I'll get it eventually... Smiley

  • none of the channel 9 videos are loading any more me....I'm in Australia...I think Pokeystuff is also having the same problem and he/she's from australia as well....


    Even  downloading the videos stops after 5MB.


    have you guys banned australia from channnel 9 Angel Angel Angel


    I ger error msg: media failure. Try reloading the page or visit the main site for assistance




  • For those in Australia who seem to be having media problems, check out this thread:


    No solution listed there... yet... but might be useful to be on the same thread.


    BTW, Great Ping guys! Watch every week - even though the connection timed-out every 10-30 seconds this week...

  • Cool show!!


    How on earth can I get my hands a couple of "Nine Guys" ... Ill be the envy of the South African sub!

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