Ping 41: Top stories of 2009, bing, windows 7, laptop hunters, azure

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Paul and Laura take a look back at the big news for Microsoft this year- and in no particular order they are...

Windows 7!!!
VM ware vs. Microsoft
The Cloud! The Cloud!
Windows Mobile grabs headlines
Microsoft gets a retail store! Inspires dancers...
Bing the decision engine
Laptop Hunter ads pack a punch
Netbooks heart Windows

and, more- including a heated debate over the much famed "Contra" code...



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The Discussion

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    i am the first to comment




    so thanks for the mention



    ok i have many qustions today i gues the next episode will be about me .... lol


    1-project natal when it will be released and what is the guess abt the price


    2-you have show that called ping show so when i want to grab all the wmvhq links for all the episodes i simply go to rss feed of the show and right click >>>download all using download manager and it scheduled to be downloades

    now i want to do the same with the learning center here in channel 9

    there is no rss feed for it so i want a way so i can grab all the wmvhq links for videos in learning center in here in the all branches together (silverlight,,, visual studio, etc)

    so any possible way to do it


    3-is it possible to make vhd of windows 7 in external harddisk


    4-is true the rumor of xbox 720 as the next generation of xbox


    5-abt bing map is the streetside will be available for the whole world or will be limited to certain area



    thanks alot


    thumbs up Smiley


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    another thing

    i already have windows 7 professional


    the professional is 199$ and the ultimate is 219$ so

    the difference from the ultimate is just 20$ so why if i want to upgrade to windows ultimate i have to pay 129$ by buying windows anytime upgrade

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    Konami Code!


    Oh I remember when I first started with computers. I had this MSX box, a very nice 8bit 64K machine. There I learned MS-BASIC and MS-DOS. But the major thing with the MSX was gaming, and the better ones where made by Konami. Nowadays I still miss that, so much that I wrote my own MSX emulator in C#. In US the MSX is almost unknown but over Europe, Russia, down here in Brazil, and especially in Japan it was a hit. There is a lot of Konami codes in MSX games. Oh! I just remembered a cheat you could do: before you load your game you could type (in BASIC) poke &hfbb0,1 and then load your game and while it was running you could press Control+Esc and break the execution, then you could hack the memory to discover new cheat codes! Oh boy… now I just have to run my MSX emulator and play some 8bit cool game!

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  • User profile image

    Thanks for remembering us down here in Australia. the Videos seem to be working now. And thanks for the great show over the last year. Have a great Christmas guys.

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