Ping 42: Is Microsoft cool? Photo DNA, Win7 tool, 10k MIX contest

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The Discussion

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    Did you forget to include the link about X-box? I kind off wanted to read that artikel.


    Great show! Enjoy the holidays!

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    i thinks microsoft is cool. the real question is, how cool am i Tongue Out

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    Microsoft is not, has never been, and will never be cool. Stop caring about cool and get back to making computing understandable for normal people like in the good old days.

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    Google is cool, Apple is awesome and Microsoft is mature. Perplexed

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    Google is Cool,  Apple is Awesome, and Microsoft is mature and boring.

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    The photo dna link doesn't work.

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    Should be working now - thanks!


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    Why now a days the Ping Show download for Zune is not getting played on Windows Phones?

    I used to download the Ping wmvs meant for Zune earlier also with no playback problem on Windows Phone.

    But with recent shows I am unable to play the shows on Windows Media Player on Windows Phone (OS - Windows Mobile 6).


    I guess with the inception of Zune HD the shows are getting posted with higher resolution and different compression suited for Zune HD which is not suited for Windows Phone. This is kind on unfair as other file formats posted for these Video downloads are kind of sluggish and heavy with some lagging while playing on Windows Phone and righltly so, but with Zune Video format download? I am surprised.


    And this is true for any other download on Channel 9 or 10 not just for Ping Show.


    Any idea on this?

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    thanks for the shout out..


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