Ping 44: Science of Natal, Kodu, HP, Free SEO

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Paul and Laura kept a close eye on their inboxes and ear to sounds of 'Softies buzzind to bring you these stories:

The Science behind Project Natal
Start developing NOW
Microsoft & HP
Bill Gates makes Soap Operas?
Free SEO Tool



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    The Discussion

    • PaulMest

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    • wisnia

      Cool show Smiley

      Despite the extra monitor, the set looks a little bit empty without the higher table.

    • aL_

      feedback you say? moar natal plx! Wink


      but other than that, i like ping.. i still feel kinda bad for beeing so harsh on the first show Tongue Out maybe you could get out of the studio more? what are the diffrent microsoft hang outs? from what ive heard, the microsoft campus is huge, it would be cool to see more of it Smiley whats beeing served in the cafeterias [how many are there?] is it true you have onsite daycare and xbox lounges? stuff like that

    • jasuk1970

      Have to agree with aL_ love the Natal stuff.


      BTW, this has to be worth a caption competition Wink



    • Laura10

      That's a great idea jasuk1970! If people play along we will shoe the best ones on next week's show! We'll even send out little ofam 9 guys to those who participate.


    • CKurt

      Hi Laura, I was wondering, what is your dayjob at microsoft? What do you work on? Do you code or are you in marketing or something like that?


      I know Paul can't say what he is working on, but can you?

    • Laura10

      I'm a technical evangelist.  Essentially I'm a full time producer for Channel 9. I make videos and contribute to other aspects of DPE- that's my org "Developer & Platform Evangelism".

      I don't have a coding or marketing background. I have a TV production & gaming background.


    • athman

      hmmmmm evanglist

      so from this topic i would have to say i am really looking forward to meet with you in person


      "Always ask Microsofties what their title is. There are two reasons. One,........Two, and more importantly, the right title will probably get you a free drink. Keep an eye out for “marketing” and “evangelist” and when they order, just say “Can you get me a X as well?“, make a noble gesture to get your money out. More than likely they will just say “Don’t worry, I will get this one.


      from this site:


      anyhow my feedback

      1-make live shows

      2-when taking technical stuff make cam toward paul cause face expression for laura that she doesnt know what is he talking abt doesnt give good impression to the show



      34-change the background color of the stage ,how abt random picture as bing site

      thats for this week

    • CKurt

      Och thank! I always remembered the video of you walking around at a conference floor asking people if they code C# of VB and it was so funny because you clearly (it might be played) did not know the difference.


      Keep up the good work Laura and Paul, love the content!

    • aL_



      ..and number 3 on the list of thing laura does not find impressive:

      playing the invisible banjo

    • bitdisaster

      ok here my try


    • aL_



      "laura found the giant booger lodged in pauls right nostril  strangely mesmerizing"


      yes, im a very childish guy. [luckily my profile picture give no such indication]

      also, the booger described is entierly fictional and invented for hilarity purposes only

    • aL_

      hey, my booger caption works for that pic as well Tongue Out

    • jasuk1970



      "If you say Konami code one more time, I'm going for your throat!"

    • Niner

      Caption : Laura looking at Paul and thinking....

      "....when he's going to mention something about tweets and twitter....."


      Yes the second monitor looks nice and as usual Ping Episode is a must watch. Given a thumbs Up !

      But laura you have not replied to my mail about Ping Ep 36 contest and also posted related comments in last ep.


      I like both, Laura's and Paul's presentation style. I liked Laura interviewing Steve Clayton, I think it was long time Back on 10, whee she tells Steve to call her 'thug' or something like that. That was funny.


      Looking forward to more of Ping Episodes.

    • garrettvm

      Ping! The show is great, informative, positive, upbeat, energizing.... Thank you Laura and Paul! Angel 

    • dentaku

      Let's see if this works.

      Generic Comment Image

    • exoteric

      About the form: cool with the new screen although I'd have spent the money on mic/setup to make proper audio, which is kind of hmmmm atm, heh (where are you, Larry Osterman!)


      About the content: A consumer focus. This Week on Channel 9 is already covering news for developers. Still, I also like hearing "strategic news" a la deals with HP on cloud computing and what not.

    • PaulMest

      lol, nice pic!  I'm pretty sure this is the only way I could get a tan these days!

    • Laura10

      HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I love it.


    • dentaku

      Ha, I see someone changed the thumbnail for this video to my image Smiley


      Or is that just a bug?

    • Laura10

      I changed it- but it's not coming up on my end- glad it's working for you!

    • MadLibrarian


    • Deno

      Bring back the taller table.. looks funny.. I would also add about 3 more monitors.. or just subtract one

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