Ping 45: Helping Haiti, Xbox taking over, Bing & Purge

Play Ping 45: Helping Haiti, Xbox taking over, Bing & Purge

The Discussion

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    Green background - FAIL. Just like the Jets Smiley

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    green is retro... reminds me of the old 3270 days... I like it...  I think the first comment is derisive (like the photo, and I am from NY, where we are polite, kind and mindful despite what everyone says, and we do real life smack down on trash talking avatars Smiley...


    re the video... Cool stuff... I think they should talk more about the Microsoft Ecosystem with a PC running windows as the center of that system.  Talk about the xbox plus a home server.  Xbox plus a laptop running windows 7 and media center.   Xbox by itself is great and will replace the TV set top box, but xbox + PC = Really cool interactive TV...



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    Great show as always guys Smiley

    Have just one comment on the XBOX thing Wink

    I think that XBOX would gain even more popularity if XBOX Live would be available on a broader range of markets. Here in Poland XBOX Live is NOT available in any way. Rescently Microsoft Poland came up with this social campaign ( ) called (my transaltion) - "I don't modify, I don't steal". In esence they wanted to say that modding you XBOX to run pirate games is bad - which I agrea that it is.

    But on the other hand the community instantly came up with it's own campaign ( ) called - "I don't sell a defective product, I don't steal". I think both sides have there rights in this and I hope that sooner than later I will be able to get an XBOX with XBOX Live, because that would convince me to buy one Smiley

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    Ouch rhm!!

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    I like the background. It's better than a black hole and I guess you could switch the colours around once in a while.


    PING!, better than a black hole Smiley

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    totaly agree.. the online stuff for xbox are GREAT ....if you're in the u.s.  for the rest of us its not so hot.. kind of like the crappy bing beta that is still the default for non us visitors.... the real bing is much better but what regular use is going to switch around their settings to get the u.s. version


    i like the green though Smiley although the black was cool too, made it feel like ping was shot in an alterernate dimension of something Tongue Out

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    Xbox outside the united states (and UK) is kind of limited. I want to use it as the center of my tv experience BUT it does not have any contacts with belgian TVstations and shows (which my set up box does).


    Microsoft Europe REALLY needs to push there contacts and make the service ( Just as zune video and all) much better in Europe. I know netflix does nog have the right to broadcast in europe but PLEASE help them getting it done.

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    dentaku- Can you send me the photoshopped pic please? It's gone from these comments Sad




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    verified twitter accounts get verified after they phone tthe person.

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