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Ping 46: iPad, Ballmer & Gates, MS Paint, Office & Olympics

13 minutes, 44 seconds


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The hottest stories on Microsoft campus this week include:

The iPad is here
Windows on Big Bang Theory
Ballmer signs a Mac
Gates Dances...SunDances...
4 years in MS Paint
Olympics & Office

Full Multi-Point Mouse demo


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  • Dmitry Lyalin (Microsoft)LyalinDotCom Product Manger for Visual Studio

    Why is the video missing or is it just me?

  • Miguel L. Yarrowmyarrow m.yarrow

    Same situation... Where the video at!??

  • Sorry guys- all fixed, it should work now.


  • No Laura, its not fixed yet. I always watch it on my Zune and download the Zune ver and its not there.

    I'm downloading WMV ver. I think its the only ver available at present.

    Please check. Thanks !

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    Hey Niner, some of the files don't appear to have copied up to our servers correctly. I'm re-uploading now, the Zune version should be available in a few minutes!

  • Thanks Duncanma, its available now.

  • Yup Laura, you pronounced it like I do.

    For anyone who doesn't know, it's a Kraftwerk song.

  • laura's segway to the ipad was "popped your cherry".

  • magicalclickmagicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.

    Interesting, I like Multi-point. Simple stuff but useful for many applications.

  • Multipoint Mouse was nice . Was it developed at Microsoft India ? 

    I'm also disapponted by iPad. But will this be possible ? Citrix to bring Windows 7 on iPad, http://bit.ly/cl9aGq

    So Windows 7 on iPad, will this be possible ?

  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!

    Props to Paul for bringing a 12 years old move back...


    [Doing the move] nah nah nah nah nah

  • Definitely. Citrix is a “TS/Remote Desktop” similar application, thus, Windows 7 will be running somewhere else and the device will just display streamed images representing the “remote” desktop. No biggie. Now… to execute Windows 7 natively… not going to happen.

  • This show was short. But you got guests! I like that!


    Anyway, I was expecting to see you guys talk about Zune. I heard Microsoft will present the Zune Phone this February, at the MWC in Barcelona. And, the device would use Nvidia’s Tegra. That’s something great! Is is true? Will it run Windows Mobile 7? Can I write .NET apps for it? Is it multi-touch? Perhaps capacitive screen? Wow! Can’t wait for that!

  • By the way, Big Bang Theory and How I Met You Mother are the only 2 American shows (with writers and actors*) that I always watch. I mostly like geeky British TV.

    How does someone like Paul know anyone involved in How I Met Your Mother anyway?

    * I watch Amazing Race and Survivor but that's different.


    Next you'll tell us you know Riki Lindhome too because of your other job in comedy and we will all be jealous Smiley

  • I can see the multi mouse configuration useful for pair programming if visual studio also supported multiple keyboards with separate keyboard focal points on the screen. That way both of you can be working on functionality using the same machine and working through the same process.

  • Tomasz Wisniewskiwisnia Tomasz Wisniewski

    As always great show and here are some of my impressions about it Wink


    The interview about the Multipoint Mice was not suitable for Ping. For me Ping is a news show with your comments and thoughts on the subjects in a particular week. This kind of interview/demo thing is better in it's own video and let's better not waste precious time with you guys during the show Big Smile


    iPad -... well... let's just say - semi-fail. The worst thing is that here in Poland the cheapest version will be at least 100USD more than it is in the USA :/


    Big Bang Theory is one of the best, and most geeky show ever made Smiley and let's not forget that Windows 7 was not the only MS reference in that show, training kits also made it there Wink http://blogs.msdn.com/microsoft_press/archive/2009/09/27/the-big-bang-theory-season-3.aspx

  • It's time someone like HP did some product placement on that show. Up until Leonard and Sheldon's laptops got stolen they where flashing the Dell XPS logo every episode but now they're just generic PCs.

  • rhmrhm

    I'm sorry for ripping the Jets, Laura. I'm sure New Jersey were devastated about their team going out. Smiley


    On the multi-mouse thing: never mind poor school kids, the use-case for this tech is obvious - playing two-handed minesweeper!


  • Gang Green will be back stronger than ever next year rhm! And...stay tuned for the full Multi Point Mouse video Smiley


  • Really liked the show, first time viewer actually Blushing

    I did like the part on multipoint mice, really good for educational software and things like that

    I was looking for an ebook reader and waited for the IPad to come out, think I'll just go back to my original though, Kindle DX


    Great show, keep it up!


    PS: where can I get a Channel 9 mascot like the ones you were throwing?

  • Here's the link for Multipoint for Education from Microsoft Research India-


  • Here is the link for the full Multi Point mouse demo:



  • Miguel L. Yarrowmyarrow m.yarrow

    It's so funny when you play the videoclip of the co-host dancing (forgot the name, sorry). What was he doing there? ?  hahaha

  • Miguel L. Yarrowmyarrow m.yarrow

    About the HUGE iPod called iPad, I prefer to think that it is just the first step to something bigger (the tip of the iceberg) and that it is part of a "evil" plan Apple is setting in order to make Microsoft and other companies think that there's nothing to worry about and when that happens... KABOOM! they launch a masterpiece. Be aware. Smiley

  • First time watching. Good energy and good content.

  • Paul MestemakerPaulMest Former Ping Co-host

    I agree.  I think there's a lot of room for improvement in this space.  I'm disappointed with their current release, but I hope that Microsoft, Apple, and Google can duke it out and make a compelling new category of devices in this area.

  • Paul MestemakerPaulMest Former Ping Co-host

    Heh, my name is Paul.  The video was meant to poke fun at some of our poor attempts at marketing.


    Here is the video in its entirety:



    Please be gentle! Wink


  • Love it when Laura says "Holla!!" .. so awesome!

  • Thanks Laura, Yes I checked that video also.

    The new Retweet button added is very nice, easy way to retweet.

    I love twitter  Smiley

  • Or, for my Jewish friends...it's "Challah!"   Tongue Out

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