Ping 47: Avatar, FourSquare, Bing & Twitter, Farmville

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Paul decided to take a little vacation so our good friend Adam stepped in to bring us the hottest stories on Microsoft Campus. Some are....

James Camerons Avatar & Microsoft
Office for Mac loves you!
FourSquare coming to Windows Mobile
Bing Twitter Maps
Farmville & MSN Games



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The Discussion

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    sorry thumbs down for this


    one suggestion and one comment


    suggestion :when laura wont show in that future show how abt tina as a replacement


    comment:keep the show in tech news

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    I tend to agree.  This show was OK, but the time spend on Farm-Ville was to much, I fast-forwarded.  I really dig Adam's shoes.  I don't have those ones, but I'm a huge fan of LACOSTE, they are white shoes, plus they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, despite their price tag.  

    Why not talk about tech things that Microsofties are talking about?  Are Microsofties excited about the new Visual Studio, the iPad, Project Natal, the Olympics, anything that isn't Facebook or Twitter related.  How about having some sound bites from Microsofties about what they follow and what's important to them?  It doesn't have to be a Microsoft product to be interesting.

    Grr… this SQL Server project secrecy is driving me batty!

    I agree with Laura, the poking, and games wear off, and eventually you just follow the people you care about.  I've defriended many people who kept inviting me to play those "games".

    The Avatar article is wicked.  I adored the movie, and would love to see it again, but I'm not sure if 3D will take off for cinema.  I think there are movies you will want to see in 3D, but I can't really imagine watching the evening news in 3D.  

    However, I all said the same thing about HD, and now I know I get annoyed when a show isn't offered in HD.  The big thing for me was cost.  Why spend (at the time) 4K to watch the same movie I already owned on DVD?  And let's not get started about the format wars.  Of course we now all enjoy the benefits of HD now, and maybe 3D is the next evolution.  Also, I believe if 3D is to be successful, something needs to be done about those glasses.  I know I would lose/break them.

    The new version of Office for Mac can't come soon enough.  The current version is OK, but it's confusing if you also use the PC version, as they look almost nothing alike.  The Mac version also feels "slow" compared to it's PC counterpart.  It would be nice if Office for Mac had the PC UX.  I know it would be distracting if Photoshop for PC and for Mac had drastically different UX.  Also, who no VBA love for Mac, or .NET programmability, we have Mono now Smiley

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    I agree with you guys...we strayed from our normal techy content a bit. Back on track next week!

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    I hope so. Thank's Laura.

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    This isn't the best video, but now I can find out what a petabyte is. 

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    laura what abt tina replacement thing????


    that i suggested it

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    Great idea Athman- I'll see if she's into it Smiley

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    Please Microsoft invest in James Cameron so we can enjoy more spectaculars like Avatar!

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    is paul's secert project the next IDE for XNA?

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    Nope.  My secret project is not consumer, developer, or entertainment focused at all.  Adam and I will let you guys know when we can disclose our project. Smiley

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    is it about storing, accessing, or transfering third-dimensional objects in a network?

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    Merchi one
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    I appreciate the fact that you went over what Foursquare is all about.  I've been seening people talk about becoming a "mayor" of this place or that place, on Twitter, but have been completely confused by what that meant.  Your explanation finally made some sense of it all.


    One question I have, though, about Foursquare.  Is it only for smartphones?  I don't have a smartphone and so I'm wondering if it would be a waste of my time to even bother with Foursquare.


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    Can you do as show about upstart .NET languages on codeplex.

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