Ping 48: Windows Phone 7, Bill Gates, Hayden Planeterium, Norwegian Google Prank

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Windows Phone 7 Announced!
Bill Gates tweeted about this
Silverlight ads on MSN
Norwegians in Scuba Gear!



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The Discussion

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    Windows Phone 7 looks AWESOME!!!!

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    Number ONE!!!!! Go Microsoft GO GO GO!!!!

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    TED actually means Technology Entertainment and Design. Not Technology, Evolution and Design.

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    The Minh Bar? Wait a minute. I never authorize this


    Also, NEVER tease us w/ a Laura-Paul romance again. Just look at the shows that were ruined when the couples get together:


    > Moonlighting

    > Northern Exposure

    > Remington Steele


    (man, I need to watch newer stuff)

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    Baahh... thanks for correcting me!  Hopefully, I'll have a better shot of getting in now! Wink

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    Happy birthday ping Smiley

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    Laura, with Win Mobile 7 will there be twitter integration?

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    I'm no native speaker, but Hayden says Hayden Planetarium (, or am I missing the joke?

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    fyi, Norway (Norwegians) != Netherlands (Dutch)

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    so laura what is abt tina thing i suggested????

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    is the title of this post incorrect?  It reads Norwegian Google Prank, but Laura says the prank was in the Netherlands?

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    Hey, another great show.  Speaking of the Bill Gates/Digital Universe... I downloaded it and all looks good.  I can fly around and such.  But what I was hoping for is the same .wf file/path that was used on your Ping video.  Would love to see that.  I have always wanted the opening scene of Contact as a screen saver.  This may be the closest I get.



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    Ay! 10:14 - 10:22 is HILARIOUS!

    I feel the SAME. WAY. Seriously. It's smaller than many a YouTube video or medium length MP3 song. Just install it! What's not to like?


    I'm loving the Windows Phone 7 Series news. One thing that I would love to see more of is automated location recognition of phone numbers in my contact list. For instance... there should be an app that allows me to opt in to letting specific people in my contact list get directions to my phone or to let them to allow me to get directions to theirs. For land lines the phone should be able to reverse search the location of that number and get me directions to it without ever doing a dedicated search for that address on or the like. Clearly the privacy issues would have to be solved in such a way that it couldn't be abused to stalk people, but isn't that the sort of problem that Microsoft exists to solve? I also think that it would be great when I've lost my phone to be able to map it from my PC or to tell it to ring from my PC. Laura did an interview back on Channel 10 that ran along some of these lines. I would be so impressed to be able to just pick my brother out of my contact list and click 'get directions' if I want to surprise him with lunch. Also, as mentioned in that interview, it would be great to be able to automatically notify trusted people when you're getting near them.


    Laura, the scuba guys in Street View was good for a laugh. Paul, I loved the Contra Code Max lead in, there. Great job of setting Laura up.



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    I agree.



    Also, trying to not sound lame, I wish channel 9 allow the option of thumb-uping and thumb-downing for each individual post, so instead of had requiring me to reply as a comment, pressing a simple thumb up would had been cool.



    Are you working on MP4 interoperability?

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    Awsome, as usual!


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    - Who's the Boss

    - The Nanny

    - Murphy Brown


    It's just seems to be a tradition with old American sitcoms.

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    Since Laura is away for the next show, is it time for some payback. Cos I was wonder if she's forgotten about this.


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    Wait... let me be more articulate...



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    Not sure what the official results are of the Contra/Konami debate, but ThinkGeek has a related T-Shirt branded as "The Konami Code"



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    Am I the only one who saw a pair of bare female breasts in that Xbox video?

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    So, now Laura got her silly dancing video just like Paul hahahaha that's mad funny. Muy gracioso.

     Expecting a great show today. 

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