Ping 49: Live Labs Pivot, Win7 testers, Facebook wins, Search Assault

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Laura took off this week for some much needed R&R but the boys of Ping took the reigns and found all these hot stories being talked about all over Microsoft:

Microsoft Live Labs: Pivot
News for early Win7 Testers
The boys talk FaceBook?!?!?
Stepping up the search assault

oh...and I guess they felt the need to Bring THIS Back...



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The Discussion

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    Nice show boys!

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    Boys boys boys ... Smiley

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    Great work guys! I think I'll stay in Mexico Smiley No, seriously- good show, I had forgotten about the patented social networking air wave!

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    The farmvile + twitter was hilarious

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    I was disappointed by this man show - no juggies? Smiley

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    Nice Show

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    awesome show!

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    Paul & Adam,


    Good job on the show fellas.  Instead of mocking Farmville, I'd rather be a shareholder, cash in one some of that game play.


    Paul, Twitter isn't useless, it's what you say or don't say that determines it's meaning.  People who post about their breakfast, I don't follow.


    I'm also excited to hear about the Microhoo deal, did you know that and are still around?  It's like seeing someone wearing a Mondetta or Mossimo shirt, it's a blast from the past Smiley


    I'm brining XBOX back, was awesome, I watched the entire video, made me smile

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    El Pibe

    Good show guys.

    Been using pivot for about 2 months and is a great tool.

    Keep up the good work.

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    I have an idea on how to make Farmville productive.


    How about hooking up Farmville to.... real farms... So when I'm feeding my cow on Facebook, I'm actually feeding a real cow... Harvest those mouse clicks guys...


    If MS productize my idea, please, do not forget attribution... oh, and those truck loads of cash!

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    Good! That was really good and funny!

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    Oh geez, have you even played FV? There is no feeding, only harvesting. And FV is not productive mainly because the game is slow as hell.

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    I haven't played Farmville yet... I am a level 36 Chef in Chefville, though... But a slow game is still harvestable... I mean, look at the Matrix... a little bio-electrical energy from 100 lbs of mass can run the whole planet. You just gotta have lots of it

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    Great episode... and great show all in all - it has a very refreshing effect on me, since it's fun and casual. Thumbs up for the hosts as well!


    I've been a regular follower since episode 40 (I think), and then I watched all the previous shows as well, since I was hooked immediately.


    Love the short duration of the show, a couple of minutes for each theme is just enough. Love the humor, so keep up the good work!


    A question though: could it be possible to get a hold of one of those cool 9 figures outside US?



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    Good spanish pronunciation Paul, I'm proud to be one of the 3 spanish Ping! viewers Smiley (I bet we're more than just 3). Anyway, great show guys I'm a Ping! fan and I don't only watch it to be up to date with cool MS news, but to practice my english skills aswell.


    Question: what about Imagine Cup 2010? Have u talk about this on previous shows? (I'm watching past shows but haven't finished yet)



    ¡Saludos desde Perú! 


    PS: Next time try to relax some more. When the show started you guys seemed to be nailed to the floor.

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    I've been to Imagine Cup a few times- GREAT program. I'm sure we'll talk about it once the finals roll around.

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    I made a video with Photostory 3 based on the Boys Without Foys episode Smiley


    Here's the full sized .jpg version


    Here's a low quality scaled version

    Generic Comment Image


    I hope MS never drops Photostory. It's one of the best products they've ever given away for free.

    I wouldn't mind seeing ALL it's features being added to Live Movie Maker. Having control over the zooming and panning is so useful, unlike other slideshow makers that just guess what you want.


    and no, I have nothing against vertically challenged people. It's just a joke.

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