Ping 50: Multi-Point Server, IE6 Funeral, 3 Designs for Windows Phone

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Every week Laura & Paul bring you the hottest topics on the minds of Microsofties. Here's the latest from this week:

Multi-Point Server Announced
3 Designs for Windows Phone 7 Series
IE6 Funeral
Windows 7 Commercial Parody

and finally...




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The Discussion

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    Haha Smiley oh dear Ping Crew Wink

    The ImagineCup finals this ayear are here in POLAND! YEAH!! And it;s been official since at last October 2009, and even the website of which you show a screenshot in your show ( says "Poland 2010" Wink

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    now is this mean that they cut  the last minutes of ur show also


    the end was meanless


    anyhow i wish to see laura and tina in the next show


    another thing we want news abt project natal (i dont even have xbox ... lol but i am really loving the idea behind natal


    u didnt spread the news abt channel 9 live in mix


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    What ending was that?

  • User profile image

    What's the story behind the "cutted" end ? Smiley

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    We forgot to bring our foam 9 guys on the set so when we got to the end, we didn't have anything to throw- so Bob (our editor) took an ending from some previous shows and put it on there. The magic of post production Smiley

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    Nice show guys! thank's for reading my comment.

    Actually my nickname should be  m.yarrow from Miguel Yarrow, I guess can't correct it now but it's ok there're many meaningless nicknames around so I would live with "My Arrow" (it sounds funny hahaha)


    I'm counting the days for the IC2010 finals.


    Question about something funny I noticed on this show: Laura, are you taller or Paul is shrinking? Smiley







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    The three phone chassis should be named like the three somaotypes coined by Sheldon: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.  I want the fat one!

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    The launch of multi point server is cool and all, but I want to see what it was that could ruin McDonalds

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    Paul is shrinking! Haha, no. Actually they make me stand on an apple box so our heights are closer and we look more even in the camera. I'm not really even short, it's just that Paul is freakishly tall Smiley


    You guys are calling out all our production tricks this week!

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