Ping 53: Stories from MIX, FourSquare, Xbox Game Room, Coachella

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The Discussion

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    That coat had a busy night... (I have no idea what is up with the look on my face, I think I was trying to look funny... I didn't succeed)


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    Ha ha! Duncan that's great!

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    When you mentioned MySpace being built on Microsoft technologies, I immediately had to point out that originally it was a Cold Fusion application, and as we can all remember, suffered terribly from performance, not to mention that the design was unwieldy.  Eventually they migrated to .NET using integration libraries between Cold Fusion and ASP.NET to help in the migration.  I still believe that if MySpace had of originally been built on ASP.NET that they would be even bigger today because they would have had the flexibility and scalability required, virtually "out-of-the-box" with ASP.NET and that delaying migration gave time for competitors to grow, as consumers frustrated with the awful performance and glaring design flocked to Facebook and other sites.  Just trying Facebook was enough for most people to switch.  It was faster and lighweight and didn't give you a headache.  At first.

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    ... and then Facebook added Farmville Wink

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    Xbox uses a point system so they can have one "currency" across the entire Live platform instead of trying to figure out local currencies in every location. 

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    I'm really happy Microsoft chose to use Silverlight/XNA for their Phone Platform and games.  It will make porting applications very straight forward.  It really goes to show that Microsoft wants everyone to have a great experience on this new mobile platform.  Whether you're a developer, consumer, designer, or my mom, the entire process has really been thought about.  Perhaps that is why they took their time, to get it right *wink*.  Releasing the tools for free is straight icing.  I think that Microsoft really upped the ante on mobile development, go Microsoft!


    I really like to see Apple mock this.

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    That's a convenience for Xbox... and pissed me the hell off whenever I have to calculate the real value. I want to see this gone, please. The very least you can do is make it like Nintendo. 100 pts = $1

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