Ping 54: Windows Phone 7 Training Kit, 64GB Zune, Microsoft helps electric cars

Play Ping 54: Windows Phone 7 Training Kit, 64GB Zune, Microsoft helps electric cars

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    Good shot Paul. I bet you always win the office wastebasket shootout.

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    I heard about the discount for the 32GB Zune and finally went out and got one today. My lifetime collection of music is only about 24GB, which should leave enough room for expansion and to store a few videos. Honestly though it was the HD radio and support for podcasts that pushed me to buy it. First impressions are very good: It has a slick UI and the Smart DJ works just as good as Pandora radio (my previous music source). Very happy with it so far... Zune HD FTW!

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    Refering to the capacity by the number of music tracks is ok for a point of reference as to size for the average consumer.

    but to me it relative to the size of the media loaded on to it

    For example

       ~32Gb at  8 Ping Episode / Gb  (Zune Download) is only  ~512 Episodes. (Doesn't sound as big now does it.)

    On my non-Microsoft portable 16Gb media player, I have a couple of audiobooks that are ~2Gb each. That's 25%, or 8 audiobooks. 

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    so Laura

    2 things


    the geeky show in mix

    i win and i send my details but no response till now



    second can u ask and inform us if the keynote of Visual Studio 2010 Launch event will be streams online and in which site


    thumbs up guys


    great show

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    Laura & Paul,


    You're back!  We missed you..., OK, I missed you.  I need my Monday coffee time Smiley, and Ping! is much more uplifting than most sources.


    The car news is awesome, I can't wait to have my car quieter than I can walk.


    As for capacity, a 64GB Zune can hold about 14,000 songs.  To put that into perspective, at 3 minutes per song: 14,000 * 3 = 42,000 seconds, about 700 minutes or 11.7 hours, without hearing the same song twice!  Also, 14,000 songs is about 875 CDs if you factor 16 tracks per disc, good lord, I don't even own thay many CDs or DVDs!

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      As always like the episode, brings a smile to my morning.


    When it comes to the Zune, It'll be news if MS start selling it outside the US in Europe for instance Wink


    BTW The majority of my iPhone's 16gb is my audio book library.



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    Hey dude... 14,000 songs * 3 minutes/song = 42,000 MINUTES... = 700 hours = ~29 days.


    ... just sayin' Wink

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    Yes, you are correct, mistook my first calculation as minutes, me and my excitment.


    That is still tons of music Wink

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    Ashith Raj

    with 64 ZuneHD, the Zune team should have stuffed in features like Camera for still photos and video plus voice recorder. again ZuneHD will have to do the catch-up game with IPOD.

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    Great show as ever, never miss an episode.


    If only MS would sell the Zune in the UK! I would not have been forced to go and by a non MS 64Gb MP3 player.


    Oh and by the way 64Gb is only really just enough, I have already used 41Gb, and about 30Gb of that is my entire music collection. I don't like having to use my non MS media player to sync! Big Smile


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