Ping 55: Visual Studio 2010 Launch, Kin Unveiled, GLO for women

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    +1 for Channel 9 Live at Paul's Comedy Powerpoint Show !!

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    Hey guys, wouldn't it be good for WP7 buyers AND developers if there was a 20$ to 50$ worth of free Apps from the marketplace? It would give good reason for people to pick-up stuff from the marketplace from day one and developers a chance to sell their wares to people with "virtual money" burning their pockets!

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    I think it's the first time Laura hit the camera with niners, isn't it?

    as a SQL Server fan:

    Don't you dare to forget to cover the SQL Server 2008 R2 announcement next week in European PASS:


    Great post, thanks!


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    The DeepZoom site is amazing. Next version: 3D DeepZoom; up the pixel count futher; and deconstruct into a Gustav simulation; I want to be able to fly over the mountainous texture surface in 3D as if a martian landscape.

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    Glo for Women?!?  I spent the better part of a year working at a company called Immersion Digital building a WPF Bible Application called "Glo" that was released last year...  Who do I tell them to sue?  MSN? Microsoft?

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    Holy cow! That was a really good one. Special guests, tech content, little bit of arguing, a lot of fun, Laura finally got a niner to hit the camera! Please keep it that way.

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    What happened to the show? ? ?  are you guys on vacations? ? ? ? ?  please tell me you are comming back soon!!!

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    I was away at the Microsoft Management Summit... but we just filmed Ping 56.  It will be available in a few days!  Special in-studio guests, fun topics, and finally some interesting things with social media junk! Wink

    ... thanks for inquiring!

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