Ping 56: Mouse Mischief, Social Media Clock, Windows Embedded 7, Ballmer loves Natal

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After a tiny hiatus we are back and better than ever. The show is jam-packed this week so let's get right to it:

Mouse Mischief: The Multi Point Mice Game!
Windows Embedded 7The Social Media Clock
Ballmer LOVES Natal
Live Action Trailer for HALO



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The Discussion

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    My life will never be the same again after hearing about the multi point mice thing.

    Microsoft has an R&D budget of around 9 billion a year. Where does it go to...?


    Anyway the new HALO looks good, so apparently at least half the budget goes to xbox, which is probably a good thing Wink .


    But guys, SQL Server 2008 R2 was launched and no word about it?


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    Yeah Paul!?!?! Where's the SQL Server News??? Sheesh!

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    Windows Mobile 7 is also what I am most looking forward to. I just bought an Android phone though, so I will not uprade for a while Sad


    As for Halo, well screw Halo. The game really isn't even that great. The soundtrack is beautiful though. The gun feel is wrong, the story is moderately interesting. There is a reason Call of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company have been so popular, they just feel better. Plus they are for PC...


    The trailer itself was just weird.

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    Alright! Good show.

    So, talking about WM7 and the forgotten SQL Server 2008 R2... Will WM7 have SQL Server CE? Because I cannot port my super-duper-killer WM5 app to WM7 yet.

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    Ping was off for a couple of weeks and during that time it was launched at European PASS.  We had so much other stuff to chat about this week, I didn't get a chance to do a shout out.  My B!

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    Isn't it Windows Embedded 7 instead of Windows 7 Embedded ? The embedded version just got media centre capability extra in it right now. It's not Windows 7 running on embedded devices...


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    You're right CKurt - It's Windows Embedded 7. I'll fix the title now- thanks!

    But it IS built on Windows 7 Smiley


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    Manish Kungwani

    Missed Bing ... Smiley

    What about Halo for PC???

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    Thx, the reason i mentioned it was not Windows 7 was because you mensioned touch API's , and i'm not sure Windows Embedded 7 has that, although Windows 7 has it.


    But anyway, thanks for the clarification!

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    Nice trailer, very epic for a video game.  Too bad it isn't an actual movie.  I was almost expect the guy to become more muscular, but I don't follow or play Halo, so that is an inside thing to me.


    Paul, "Can I go to the bathroom", I had to pause the video while I laughed.  Laura, I tweeted you about the sound you use when you mention twitter.  Where can I buy that sound clip?


    Great episode, and yes, I was worried when PING wasn't around, but it's nice to have you both back!


    Go Vegas!

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    I was really interested in the Mouse Mischief, but now I feel let down as it does not support x64 of Office 2010. I tried to install but got an error, come on!


    Prerequisite check for system component .Net Programmability Support failed with the following error message:

    "Microsoft Mouse Mischief can only be installed on computers running Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (32-bit version only) or Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. To install a trial version of PowerPoint, go to Microsoft Office Online at"

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    Glad you laughed at my childish antics.  I'm pretty sure Nasha has about zero interest in working with us again! Wink

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    The Halo ad is how I feel everyday.  Perplexed

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