Ping 58: Gates & Cloud Computing, Bing for Mobile, Microsoft concept Phone

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We got a ton of great feedback and suggestions last week- please keep them coming! Here's the low-down for what 'Softies were talking about this week.

New type of Cloud Computing?
Bing for Mobile
Microsoft Concept Phone
Office 2010 Launch



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The Discussion

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    Such a short show this week guys... why?


    As for the Concept Phone goes - the video has been arround for some time now Smiley It has been shown during the keynote of Microsoft Technology Summit 2009 ( here in Poland on the 29th of September Smiley

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    ok what did i do last show?


    i didnt do anything


    anyhow i did sent a email to you and i thought  i will get response abt it in this show


    never mind Tongue Out

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    When did the tradition of throwing C9 toys at the camera start? Do Microsoft employees have THAT much fun?

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    Hmmm Wisnia, not sure why it was short this week. It actually felt longer when we were taping. We'll make it up with extra goodness next week Smiley

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    Hey Laura, what cellphone do you have? Have you tried Winmo7 and do you recommend it?

    Annyways, awesome episode of Ping! I can't belive more people watch it when its so awesome Big Smile


    - Martin

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    Great show once again! Ok, that giant fire hose idea


    I just watched the Concept Phone video. Its the first time i've seen it and it gets me excited. Thumbs up for iron man technology (and Scarlett Johansson Big Smile). There is a video somewhere on channel9, that shows ms research showing a NUI device used in Environmental studies. It uses that "plexi" glass screen and holographic type of display....its comming!!



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    Isn't that concept phone so last year?

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    That concept phone is some kind of slick. But I have to admit -- having a phone without visible borders would drive me a little batty.


    And this episode proves the addage that you can never have too much of a good thing -- short show was still excellent, but, um... short.

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