Ping 59: Private Cloud strategy, Gadget predictions, Microsoft is the most social company, Free Robotics

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Take a break from your hectic day to join Laura & Paul as they bring you all the top stories that were being sent around Microsoft this week. Stories like :

A Private Cloud
Bill Gates: Device vision- back in 2007
Microsoft is so VERY Social
Robotics for FREE



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    The Discussion

    • MadLibrarian

      HOLY LAURA, Nice pick up on that w.g. vid.

    • Laura10

      True- but you can't develop apps on LinkedIn like you can on Facebook.

    • Maximus​Paynicus

      So, if Microsoft is the most "social" company... how come Laura barely uses her Twitter? Tongue Out

    • Laura10

      Correction- I may not Tweet all that often, but that doesn't mean I don't use Twitter. I check other Tweets and follow trending topics daily. Believe it or not- sometimes I'm more interested in what OTHER people have to say than myself Smiley

    • Maximus​Paynicus

      Bah -- other people are boring (present company excluded, of course. Cool ). You, however, remain the life of the party.

    • CKurt

      Was is sunny in the studio? Tongue Out You both look kind of yellow in the shots taken from eye height...


      Otherwise, good show!

    • wisnia

      The length of the show was good this time Big Smile

      I don't want t sound all complaining but the color saturation during close-ups is very, very bad Wink

    • exoteric

      Not so negative Paul. Blogs are great, you just need to integrate them into Channel 9 and to have topic based syndication for blogs Smiley


      The color saturation didn't influence me, the sound is much more important. Actually the saturation makes everything seem warmer heh.

    • martinmine

      Wow! This show is really great! I can't belive that so few watch it, need to tell my friends about this Wink 

      Its great that you are nautral in the MS vs Apple thing, because if you did, this place would be trolled down!

      Need to start build Lego-robots aggain since I learned how to do programming the last few years Big Smile

      Have a nice summer!

    • Deno

      Yes, there is a goffy color issue. Whats is up with that, don't you have HD cams with color correct?

    • Laura10

      Yeah, we had something funky going on with the single shot cameras this week....but let's just call it "arty" Smiley


    • ivan_

      Does somebody over here know who is going to demo VS 2010 at the upcoming Apple's World Wide DevCon? I've heard Visual Studio is going to support iPhone development, but there is no details as to whether iPhone OS will be running in virtual PC just like Windows Phone Phone 7 does, whether developers will be able to write Objective C code in Visual Studio or may be Apple will open iPhone to Silverlight development?

    • kettch

      Apple's policies forbid development on any platform/language/framework other than their tooling on a Mac. Period. It is doubtful that this will ever change.


      This reflects my understanding of what I've read. I might be wrong.

    • ivan_

      Then why do they have Microsoft person scheduled to give a keynote about (VS 2010 ???) during their DevCon?

    • rhm

      It was just a rumour which turned out, unsurprisingly, to be completely false.

    • ivan_


      It would be nice to have Silverlight on iPhone, though it would kill WP7.

    • staceyw

      So will Robotics Studio go free and then be shutdown in six months (e.g. Office Accounting, etc)?  Hope not.

    • Outsider1969

      Notice the close-up on the clip with Bill Gates and not on Steve Jobs. Was it possible the Steve was jotting down notes as Bill was talking?? Or did Steve have a VOX-recording app running on his iphone? (lol)



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