Ping 60: Allard & Bach, Netflix, Hohm score, Halo Beta

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On this episode of Ping, Laura and Paul deliver the hottest news stories circulating around the Microsoft campus. Headlines such as :

Allard and Bach moving on... 
Netflix & Microsoft
Judge your Hohm
2.7 million gamers play Halo Beta



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The Discussion

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    Laura's Hohm score of 67 has me beat by a long shot.


    My Hohm score is 85.


    My home is a 1200 square foot condo in Manhattan, NYC.

    According to Hohm, the average NY score is 82.


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    While you're always going to have your group who hate the idea of DRM *coughpiratescough*, I think the big issue people have with the current DRM is that it's so atrociously awful. Take, for example, Ubisoft and their DRM that more or less demands you be online at all times under penalty of death... or you can't play the game, whichever.


    I'm all on board with DRM, so long as it isn't overly intrusive so... I'm alright with the Netflix/Microsoft deal.


    Oh: 72, by the by.

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    Thanks for the link and screenshot of the Halo Beta story at written by Issac Steinberg.


    Richard Hay


    Microsoft MVP Windows Desktop Experience

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    woot Wink

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    I'm not a pirate, and I'm very against DRM. DRM doesn't even slow the pirates down. It only interferes with the legitimate users.


    Of course, my opinions are basically geared towards purchases. Rentals are a different thing all together, and so long as the DRM is unobtrusive, I'm not against it in that space. So I'm not necessarily opposed to the Netflix stuff.


    Edit: Oh, 65 is my score, which is also exactly the average for my area.

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    DRM is almost always a bad thing imo but I'm willing to except it as a fact of life as long as I don't notice it.


    In the show Laura said lower was better but the Holm site says 100 is the best possible score so I think higher is better.



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    You're right!  

    What is a Hohm Score?

    A Hohm Score is a number from 0 to 100 (higher is better) measuring your home's energy efficiency based on home structure and your estimated energy use

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    I think the issue of piracy is better dealt with added convenience than designing a next next generation DRM system.  I have no problem with DRM so long has it allows a family to enjoy content on any PC/device in their Windows Home Group.  I believe Music piracy will diminish as the trend towards subscriptions grows.  Zune needs to go international big time.  On Video side of things, I wish there were more providers implementing MediaRoom in the United States.  At CES, it was mentioned that Windows 7 Media Center will be able to access MediaRoom later this year.  I'm sure there will be DRM but at least I don't hit the DRM wall in my own home.  And as far as physical media ownership, I wish the music/video industry setup a digital clearinghouse along with requiring stores to register/issue a digital key at point of sale, so that users key use that digital key on any online service they like, such as Zune or NetFlix.

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    83 here. Another great show. Thank you!

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    Big ups to PING #60...Laura, hope you're feeling better....

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    Now that the cat is out of the bag, can we see a Channel 9 interview with someone who worked on the Courier?

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    Estimated hohm score of 86 here. My provider isn't connected (PP&L), and their website offers much more functionality than Hohm.

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    67 here which is average for my location/house size. Thanks for the great show/post.


    I noticed that the site also says that none of the energy providers are Hohm members currently so historical data is not available. This makes me wonder how the 67 was calculated - maybe only from the year and size of the house? It does have my house year and size down exactly right.

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    Hello Laura and Paul,


    I just wondered when you are going to do a 3D version of Ping? All it would take is an extra camera and people with 3D ready monitors could view your good selves in 3D. Or you could offer an extra red-green download for people with normal monitors. 


    To convince your further to do this just remember 2D video makes people look heavier than they really are!


    Really I think all shows on channel 9 could be done in 3D with little or no more effort. Because when eventually everyone gets 3D monitors there will be a whole back catalogue of channel 9 videos stuck in 2D.


    Also the end bit would look cool because the 9-toys would come out of the screen!!!

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    ooooooh, I like it! We can definitely try it out!

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    I saw this page about doing 3D in Silverlight.

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