Ping 62: Azure Tools, Kinect, Xbox, Visual Studio 1.2

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This week on Ping it's the "Boys without Foys" extravaganza. Here's what Paul and Adam found interesting on Microsoft campus:

Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 1.2
SQL Azure Prices
Xbox Live and Virtual Goods
New Xbox



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The Discussion

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    Very very very good show boys!!


    It might not have to many subjects but is was very good to hear you go deeper and discuss some of the more technical bits. It was funny and entertaining, way to go!



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    I can see myself buying a Kinect on a whim in a retail store if it was priced at the $80 mark... If it is over $100, I'd think twice about it. After all, it is the cost of the accessory and the games to play on it ($150-$200 total).


    Australians hate sarcasm as much as the Brits do... <grin>

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    I agree with Windev, Kinect should be price at ~$80 if Microsoft wants this to be ubiquitous.  Get consumers accustomed to it before bringing it to PCs via OEM PC partners.  The only way I might pay anything close to $150 is if it included a 6 month Zune Video/Music subscription or Netflix.

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    Just because I can. Here's the Boys rule Foys drool video again Smiley

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    I'd say $100 is a good price point for Kinect. I know its an accessory, but as it encompases ALL the "controllers" required to play a game it could work out cheaper that other consoles.


    The PS3's wave controllers cost around $40-$60(?) per person, so with more than one person playing, Kinect would work out cheaper.


    Being in the UK, dollars don't mean nothin! so we will no doubt have to pay an equivelant $200 price, but for me, I'd buy one anyway Smiley


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    Great show guys.


    $150 for kinect? I"ll definitely think twice about it, but eventually give in (lol).

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    Very Nice Show!

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    Regarding Kinect's pricing, $89 is the sweet spot for me (if a game is included as well).  MS can make $$ from selling for new games using this type of full body motion control.  MS can also consider using the same hardware for future Windows OS perhaps?

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    Kinect would be awesome with a game like Black & White. It's tough to do some of the spell gestures with your mouse, but would be neat to just use your fingers in the air Smiley

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    While we do appreciate the explanation of SQL Azure pricing not considering CPU time vs. Amazon RDS, it still remains embarrassing that SQL Azure if toy-sized only.  Amazon RDS allows a terabyte database, Microsoft can only muster a puny 50GB?

    If Microsoft was in any way serious about Azure they wouldn't insist on toy use only.

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    Good show.  I plan to buy a Kinect even at $150 but I think $99 would make more sense to get wider adoption.  I think the original wireless adapter was $99 though so maybe consumers are just used to paying crazy prices for accessories.

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    I hear ya, JLoMax.  It does seem small in comparison.  I would imagine that the SQL Azure team would like to start small and learn what it takes to host customer data at scale in a cost-effective manner. But I do like the growth path and how they raised the upper limit from 10GB -> 50GB within a year of its release.


    You could always buy multiple databases and your own type of logic to fan out queries across multiple DBs and then do your own aggregation outside the DB.  It would require quite a bit more code to develop, but doable for simple scenarios.

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    I think you should have the ping show at a bar, getting drunk and talking tech. It should be live too, with hot babes in the background dancing to kinnect. I want fireworks and a hotdog eatting contest. Yeah. Special Fourth of July episode.

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    Pingback 62:


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    The price of Kinect is not the critical issue. If the games are not compelling for it, it can be $50 and it still won't sell. It's got to be more than clever technology, more than an advanced sony eye toy.

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