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Check out what we have in store for Boys without Foys Episode 4! Adam and Paul share their insights on what is being chatted about on Microsoft's campus.

Here's what we're talking about!

IIS Versions -- The Right Stuff
TechNet Licensing FAQ
Fabulous App Fabric
Twitter Searches for 1st Place
Batteries Powered by Microsoft
Destination: Arcade



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The Discussion

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    Thanks, Good to hear about the new SQL CE - did'nt see too much information about it in blogs lately.


    Funny you suggest Twitter to work on Azure... why not SQL CE?  9000 queries/sec? not a problem...


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    IIS Express? Did the name arise after the naming department, got back after a night out at 80's disco night at some nightclub.


    It conjures up for this song (which I'm sorry. It come back to haunt you one morning and you start singing part of it (even if it's just in your head)


    S'Express - Theme From S'Express


    Countdown is progressing 
    Uno, Dos, Uno, Dos, Trez, Quatro 

    S Express 
    S Express 

    Come on and 
    Come on and


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    InstaLoad, brought to you by the makers of Ping.

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    Great show guys!  It's great how you are going a bit deeper in the tech. releases.

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    El Pibe

    Nice show guys and not missing Laura a bit. Is the show getting better or is it just me?

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