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Ping 66: Kinect, WPC, Bing, Next of Kin, Free MSDN Universal Subscription

14 minutes, 34 seconds


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Boys without Foys Episode 5 with Adam and Paul share their insights on what is being chatted about on Microsoft's campus.

Here's what is going on this week...

Next Billion Dollar Business?

Worldwide Partner Conference
Little Search Engine that Could
WP7 Gets Best of Kin
Kin's on Amazon -- $0.01!
Free MSDN Universal Subscription!


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  • No video??

  • video not working here either..

  • Works on the Media downloads.  The silverlight video is blank though.

  • Yes, unfortunately video is blank for me too, on Chrome that is Sad

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    Just tested guys, loads for me in SL

  • Brian HendersonBrain Smartie



    @ch9 this is my worst Silverlight Video Player User eXperience EVER!!!


    When *.wma (audio) is used vs *.wmv (video) like this example http://bit.ly/cOGqn1

    like this line of html source from this page:

    <a href="http://ecn.channel9.msdn.com/o9/ch9/2/4/2/2/6/5/Ping66_ch9.wma" >


    Once user starts video, controls disappear and Silverlight Player goes BLACK with NO more user input being accepted.


    This just  SUX    (Sad UX)



    Hopefully this Silverlight Player will be modified to allow user access to controls should an audio only file is played?


  • Where's my Zune ver. which I always download?

    I'm downloading the big WMV(high) ver now.

  • I'm disappointed to hear Kinect is priced at $150.  Not because I won't buy one, because I know it will discourage the majority of users.  I'll be waiting to see if the latency issues have been resolved in the shipped product.



  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    We're having some issues with our file uploader. Sorry about the inconvenience. This should resolve itself in time.


  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    wait, what?  The player doesn't allow you pick the media target.

  • Brian HendersonBrain Smartie

    Looks like the media reference has been updated so the video plays fine now.

    Thanks. Smiley

  • I wonder if that contest is just for the US or is it open to Canada as well?  The site really doesn't specify.

  • Cattoccatto Catto

    Hey Now Ping #66, 


    Great Vid! 


    Thx 4 the info,


  • Little issue when rating. If you are watching an episode and would like to rate the content, you must wait until you are done watching the episode, otherwise, the rating feature causes a postback which refreshes the page and the video gets reset. Is there any way to resolve this issue?

  • Kinect looks so cool that I thinking of finally buying a XBox, but we will see Smiley

    And about Bing, I understand why they focus on US search only. Here in Europe the Bing site isn’t good at all. We haven’t got any of the new cool/good features. We only have a search box, nothing else. And it have looked the same since release. When it was release I tested the US version, and that was so much better and did think, oooo, it will be nice when we get this to. But looks like it never going to happend Sad

  • Thanks for providing information about the MSDN Ultimate subscription for Unemployed Developers project. We hope that we can provide the incentive for several great projects to serve the non-profit sector while at the same time providing support to motivated developers to update their skillset. (The effort is now called 'Project Phoenix' -to honor those developers that will rise from the ashes of career disruption and soar to new heights.)


    Any developer and non-profit in the USA and Canada is eligible for consideration. It now appears that we will be giving out a MSDN Ultimate subscription every week for the remainder of the year. Get your projects submitted.


    For more details: http://sqlblog.com/blogs/Arnie_Rowland/default.aspx

  • Dmitry Lyalin (Microsoft)LyalinDotCom Product Manger for Visual Studio

    I have no clue why you think $150 is too high of a price? Its a device that really extendeds the XBOX experience and there will be bundles, holiday discounts, etc just like any other product.


    As for the latency concerns, what exactly are you talking about? can you link some reviews that raise particular points?

  • Dmitry Lyalin (Microsoft)LyalinDotCom Product Manger for Visual Studio

    This subscription for unemployed developers really is an excellent idea, we will be sure to promote it on the next Connected Show developer podcast as well and ill send out a notice to local user groups in NY/NJ.

  • rhmrhm

    I miss Laura.

  • $150 is too high when you can get an entire Xbox for $150. Even if it "extends the Xbox experience", it's still only a peripheral. If they priced it at $50-$75, I bet people would buy it just to see what it was like. At $150, it is no longer an impulse buy.

  • I actually submitted a project for the MSDN giveaway. It will be for my local church. I hope that I am selected. It would be great to be able to give something back. Smiley

  • Thanks RHM Smiley

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