Ping 68: Streetslide, Hohm, Student Partners, Kinect & Farmaritaville

Play Ping 68: Streetslide, Hohm, Student Partners, Kinect & Farmaritaville

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    I really like Streetside and hope it will be published for tablet pcs. Using a mobilephone offers amazing possibilities too. I just imagine holding up my camera-enabled phone, take a picture of the streetside and bing maps will tell me which direction to go.


    At this point: A very big thank you to Laura, Immo and all other persons involved Smiley


    Greetings from Germany, Munich,

    Andreas Balzer <-- happy to answer questions to the Student Partners Program in this thread and via email

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    Laura welcome back!  Don't feel bad about the light for the dogs, my mom leaves the TV on for the cat.


    The one thing I loved about the Wii: it allowed my parents to play video games.  It was uncomplicated and didn't require a Ph.D. to learn the controller beforehand.  As for Kinect, I think this will happen in a much simpler way.  By removing the controller altogether and allowing them to do things more naturally.  I'm just not sure how the boxing game will work, there might be warning about holes in walls again.

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    FYI, the Student Partners  Program is abbreviated as MSP ... not MSSP ... Smiley

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    maniak- oops, thanks!

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    Welcome back Laura!


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    Hey Paul when you were talking about the new xbox 360 + kinect bundle, you said an xbox 360 with 4GB of hd space...for real? 4GB? Was that a mistake? My xbox 360 now has 50GB.

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    It's 4GB of Internal Flash Memory:

    The Kinect Holiday Bundle will come with a 4GB Xbox 360 which includes built in WiFi and 4GBs of internal flash memory, the Kinect Sensor, and Kinect Adventures. The Bundle will cost $299.99.

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