Ping 70: ZoomIt, PC & Mac Ads, Media Room, Gaming on Windows Phones

Play Ping 70: ZoomIt, PC & Mac Ads, Media Room, Gaming on Windows Phones

The Discussion

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    The "ZoomIt" link is broken and Mediaroom is one word not two.

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    Why is MS making two products with the same name?

    ZoomIt by Mark Russinovich ( has been around for ages...


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    It sounds like one of the leads from one of the mics has bad / broken connection. 

    My opinion is it on Laura's.

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    The funny thing about the mac vs pc war is that most of the people I know who own mac laptops have a Win7 partition setup that they use.  The punch line is that since Apple isn't a MS OEM these people mostly pay full price.  I would really like to see some data on how many of the 10% or so mac market share also run Windows on the same machine.


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    Yeah the sound crackles when Laura speak, so must be her mic/cable.


    I first though it was my headphones, but at least it isn't just me that is hearing it.


    Good show btw.

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    haha, yeah when I saw ZoomIt, i was thinking the SysInternals tool.  Learned something new though so kudos!


    And Paul, there are tons of games for the phone that don't just waste time.  Although, all the ones i can think of are geared towards my 2 year old.

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    That student laptop purchase statistic must be worrisome for Microsoft.  I'll bet most of those students who would cross over to Mac are thinking iPad and not a full laptop.  If that proves to be true in terms of actual purchases, then Microsoft is paying a price for not having a pen enabled slate pc ready in time for the school season.  Especially a device optimized to run OneNote a record lectures.  Frankly, with HP focused on WebOS, Microsoft needs to keep that Courier project going as a backup plan.

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    There are pen+touch enabled slates ready right now.  There have been pen enabled slates for years upon years.

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    While I am aware of pen+touch slate products, I have never seen one designed for and advertised to consumers.  And I certainly have not seen one priced less than $700 by a major brand.  The fact that Microsoft and its PC partners have been after this for years and let a product like iPad steal the show is sad.  I do realize that the enabling factors (display, cpus, lower material costs, etc)...only materialized in the last two years.  Don't get me wrong, I'm hopeful that Microsoft can turn this really has no choice.  Microsoft must offer a superior NUI, Web Enabled experience and performance compared to WebOS and Android offerings.  I mean, you will demand that if you are paying a premium for a Windows based slate.

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    WP7 all the way! I can't wait to see what happens once everything is launched. I think microsoft is coming out in full force with this OS, especially with all the developers behind it.


    Thanks for the info on MediaRoom. Im currently looking into settop boxes and this may be what im looking for.


    Ok, about the whole mac vs pc thing. As a MS developer, I'll admit this....I do own a macbook pro (as my friend says i've committed the unpardonable sin). The reason I own a mac is because im also a musician. Doing gigs and music production is so much easier and cleaner on a mac. It can be done on a pc, but with the equipment I have, I've always had issues getting thing fully to work on my pc. Thats really the only reason I have a mac.


    My  main machine is still windows 7!!

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