Ping 71: Windows Phone 7 & Xbox LIVE, Flight Sim, Facebook, Messenger, MENLO

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It's a blast from the past this week as Max Zuckerman joins us in the Ping studio. Max may be a Stanford scholar these days, but he still can't hide the fact that he's a 'Softie through and through. Here's the top news:

Menlo: Digital Bread Crumbs
Windows Live Messenger & Facebook
Xbox LIVE and Windows Phone 7
Return of Flight Sim!

And just for fun...

The Twitter Movie trailer



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The Discussion

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    We are aware of the audio hits...working on it...

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    Audio seems fine... About the facebook integration:


    1) I'm still a student and I make different groups of friends so my family or collegeas from holiday jobs are in different groups. Why? Because me sister in law or brothers or ant do not need to see what my friends post about me on Facebook. That way I can block that, and stop rumors from predding the familty


    2) I really hope they fix the bug that also imports all the groups you have joined on facebook (when you could still join groups instead of liking them). I don't want "Akunamatat" as a Messenger Contact !! Its clutter


    3) Contact deduplication is not working propperly in Live Mail client. It still shows contacts as 2 sepperate ones instead of one like does


    4) Facebook chat, let's just hope it is more relayable than the curretn facebook chat. But it will be a very welcome addition.


    5) The social feed in messenger does not hide the stuff you said to facebook to hide for you (afaik), witch is pretty annoying.

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    One of the best looking Win Phone 7 games is Max and The Magic Marker.

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    I hope that Microsoft to solve the problem of accessing XBOX Live from anywhere to now a lot of countries are deprived of play online or to download new games from XBOX Live marketplace while its possible and easily from "Apple" App store to purchase any App or game from anywhere in the world, and as i know Apple are new in this field Perplexed , again Lead it or Follow it or go to H...


    Please please please send my message to who is responsible of this disaster !! 

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    Haha... oh, how I love the quick lines through out this video... "petting your animals" ... "thousands of pokes" ... "We'll do it live!" <3 angry O'Reilly ... and all the straight faced humor.... good stuff.

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    Its a good thing that Flight sim and Project Phoenix are not at all related.  Just sayin. Smiley  Seriously though, I'd like to see a great hang gliding experience come to Flight sim.

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    Hey Max, nice to see you again. How's it going at Staaaaanford? Smiley

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    Really?  You too? haha

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    Flight is nice, but I'd rather it was the return of Crimson Skies.

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    Just saw this pic of Steve Ballmer from Microsoft holding an Apple iPhone 4 made me crack up! :P Apple ftw, steve knows ;)

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