Ping 75: IE9 Beta, Halo in History, Tokyo Game Show and SCRABBLE

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In addition to all the hot stories that you'll hear about on this episode of Ping, Paul and Laura FINALLY played that grudge match of Scrabble. Clearly, one of them cheated.

IE9 Beta rocks

Halo and classic literature?

Super Fun Happy Tokyo Game Show

Halo reach hits stores...BIG time



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The Discussion

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    Nice show, aggain!

    Congratz to the one that won Scrabble (I wasn't so sure when I saw the end lol).

    However, the IE9 looks great. But what about the unused space on the top of the window where the window title is supposed to be? I think you could shrink the window a bit more by using the space there. It could be a bit faster (Chrome still feels faster at loading pages =/), but its a good step, and I think you will regain lots of Firefox users on this release.

    Btw, are you still planning to do a behind the scenes show? Big Smile

    Good job!

    - Martin

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    Loved loved loved the competition spirit between you two. Scrabble game was cool, antough the board seemed to get more empty sometimes Tongue Out

    Any chance the Imagine Cup can get an entry in next weeks show? I've got a post up about what to do to join. There must be some students watching the show right?

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    Where is the love for Windows Phone 7 Tools that were released last week?  That's some big news.  Maybe you can have someone from the Expression Blend Team on to talk about new features.

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    Thanks.  ScottGu is my hero!

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    Hmm, not convinced with the new website yet. For one it doesn't work in my Chrome browser (is this intentional?). Also its all a bit boring, clean and boxy for my liking. But thats just my opinion. I'm sure its all wonderful HTML, CSS and jQuery or whatever but essentially as a user I only care what it looks like. Maybe I'll get used to it. I only come here to watch PING anyhow. Big Smile

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    I want to play Halo with the hosts --  How are you planning to set that up?

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    Good show and maybe next time Laura.

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