Ping 76: Windows 7 Idle Cycles, Zune Marketplace, Where are the Windows Phones, Seesmic & Silverlight

Play Ping 76: Windows 7 Idle Cycles, Zune Marketplace, Where are the Windows Phones, Seesmic & Silverlight

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    Also a firm believer of the Zune Pass here, I love it, and it is 10 songs a month here in the US.  Part of the reason I'm so excited for WP7 is so I can have that awesome Zune-y-ness on the same device as my phone so I can carry less crap around with me.  It will be good times ... someday.

    And Paul, I feel your pain on the CDMA front, though my pain is laced with Sprint so it hurts more but costs less.  What can you do ...

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    Can't wait for Windows Phone 7! I hope Zune gets released in Norway soon too. In the meantime, I hope Spotify gets an app for Winmo7 Smiley

    - Martin

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    I can't wait for the Zune Pass/Marketplace support to hit the UK so I can get support for my ZuneHD (awesome device) and my WP7 too!

    I like the sounds of the Halo-niner-fest you are talking about, I'd be up for that depending on when it is.

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    Moehahaha, next show of between Laura and Paul might turn into a dance off? Dancing with the starzzz style!

    Great show again boy and foy!

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    I am down for HaloFest

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    Patrick M

    If you like Bing Maps on your HP printer just wait until you can get Sports Calendar information on your printer. I have developed an application on the WebOS and cannot wait until it is available for download via printer. Microsoft should take it one step further and offer a Zune Toaster.

    I am sad that WinPhone7 is not coming to CDMA until next year. I am currently porting my application to WP7 and wont be able to get it on Sprint until sometime next year Sad.

    Great Show...




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    One scary thing to me (watching that clip of the halloween video)  is how much Dan actually sounds like that in real life...

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    Sweet! When?

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    Few things about Phone 7.

    1. It's comming real soon to germany. But until now, the Phone Tools aren't available in German. Why?

    2. It's still not far till launch. But I haven't seen any ads here in Germany. Is there something wrong with Microsofts adcampains in germany? iPhone is still advertising like crazy~


    Also great show, as ever! I realy start to like the new site. Although I wonder why the old videoplayer has survived the changes. Come on, it's not that real piece of software. I'd like to see a new player there!

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    Seesmic 2 is not touch friendly. Until, it becomes so, I'll use something else, like blu2.

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