Ping 77: Keeping Windows Phone 7 fast, Wordpress, Tweets, SecondLife

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The Discussion

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    If I only had an XBOX I'd request to play.  Is it just me or are your outfits in the video thumbnail different than the tape?

    Do either of you know if there are any detailed posts regarding Windows Phone hardware in Canada?  I can find posts regarding the phone coming to Canada, but not really anything specific about hardware.


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    Actually Chris, the outfit you see was from a previous edition. If you watch it to the end you'll see why.

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    Excellent video again. It's very nice to watch every time. Thanks Laura and 'shy' Paul!

    I'm very curious whether the 'application launch time restriction' is going to work; but when it does it is an excellent improvement to the Windows Mobile/Windows Phone image. Unfortunately I have to wait for a while (Netherlands) before Windows Phone will be available including marketplace etc etc, but I'm very curious!

    SecondLife... man look how it turned out Tongue Out So many companies spend a lot of money in it; maybe it was too early for a virtual world like this. But it will probably not something for me to spend my time on. There are simply way to much cool things to play with.

    So many things, so few time... argh!


    oh and btw; I see that you've got a lot of 9-guys there; is there any way I can get one?

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    Thanks for the mension Tongue Out

    I would love to play with your but:
    1) my Xbox live Gold account expired and I don't really have any value to buy a new one (really busy with mastersthesis)
    2) I don't have Halo Reach
    3) I'm in belgium Tongue Out

    Great show again!

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    Another great show!

    I've submitted my GT for the halo match, but wouldn't it be better to do a Big Team Battle so you can have 16 people. You would need 2 teams though, but it could be Ch9 vs viewers.


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    I sent in my yesterday and did not get a "thank you for sending" msg or anything?


    Yes Hosts vs Viewers in team battle would be a fun time.. and then a lone wolf?

    Can't wait.. I am going to play 2night.


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    Deno- no you won't get a "Thank you for sending" email- but I can thank you now Smiley Thanks!


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    I've got a problem with the whole Windows Live Spaces (WLS) to Wordpress conversion.  Well, maybe what I should say is I've got a problem with other Microsoft software working with it.

    I went through the conversion, upgraded my WLS blog to Wordpress.  Now I can log into the new Wordpress blog, log out and back in again, no problems at all.  However, if I try to log in using Windows Live Writer 2011, forget it.  It never works!  It always says I've entered the wrong password, even though I'm entering exactly the password I enter on the website.  Why, exactly, is this not working?

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