Ping 78: Spotify, John Gruber likes Windows Phone 7, Sick PC's, Breast Cancer awareness

Play Ping 78: Spotify, John Gruber likes Windows Phone 7, Sick PC's, Breast Cancer awareness

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    Nice show guys.  Watched the WP7 launch thing and I've now seen that HTC will have a phone out on Sprint in early (or first half) 2011 which is conviently the approximate time of my Sprint contract so I'm pretty happy today.

    Also, not sure I want to admit this but uh ... Turn the Page was done by Bob Seger.

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    I thought Jeff was the Mother oF Ch9.

    How can Laura be here and there at the same time, she's not entirely here when she is here.  Cool

    Does the mouse come in various sizes? Fried Egg, Muffin, Melon  Tongue Out

    I guess in the hand it feel soft and squidgy with a hard lump somewhere.


    Q.  How have the WP7 team gone about tackling the problem Apple had with theirs with  water.

     Since Apple as closely control the hardware of their devices.

     Q.  How will MS manage the different manufacturers? Or they there as MS's first "person" to point the blame at when there is problem with the phone.

    Q. Do you think most phone user will be able see the distinction between OS and Phone Manufacture? cos it a Windows Phone 7. , it be thought more like a Blackberry  or an IPhone. and less towards Android. 


    Laura, have you seen the Ted Talk by Christopher "moot" Poole?.

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    Well, I can't blame you for wanting to keep this week upbeat with the WP7 hardware announcement, but I was quite saddened last Friday to learn that Microsoft Live Labs had been shut down and Gary Flake left the company.

    Apparently the 70 or so employees are headed to the Bing team, but it's my intuition that it just isn't going to be the same focus on the future that they had as their own group. That said, hopefully more of their innovation will be put to real use now. I can only hope.

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    Thanks again for the nice quick updates Smiley

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    Shazam sounds nice. I had a feature like that in a Sony Ericsson phone and it's addictive but that service wasn't very reliable.

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    Spotify is great!
    There is a Windows Mobile 6 app over at 

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    Watched this show and Ping 79 together today. Waiting for Laura's new Hot App show . Hope to see more about Windows Phone 7 first on the Ping show.

    Get 'I Heart Windows phone' desktop wallpapers (as shown on Jeff's T ) in various sizes.


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    Jon Rettinger at has made the switch as a long time iPhone user to WP7.. good news so far for the new

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