Ping 79: Facebook & Bing, Windows Phone 7 ads, Geek Fashion, Boats for Kinect

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the arguments as Laura & Paul bring you the hottest stories from Microsoft on this episode of Ping!

Check out the Phones!

Socializing Bing

New Windows Phone 7 ads- yay or nay?

Geek 2 Chic!

Boat for Kinect???



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The Discussion

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    I think it was a HTC..the phone with the surround 

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    I know, I had a brain fart. Oops, I said fart Tongue Out


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    I've ordered the HTC HD7. Will be here in 3 days (Germany).

    Anyway. What have I head about Laura's weekly appshow? I'd be amazed by such a show! Looking forward to it.

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    I'm buying a Samsung Omnia 7. Can't wait..

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    Ha!  I saw that "accessory" for the Kinect last week and couldn't stop laughing.  Welcome to the wonderful world of craptacular motion sensor "accessories", Microsoft!

    On a serious note, I'm also interested in more details about this mythical weekly app show.  Do tell, Laura, do tell ...


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    It's called "Hot Apps", it will debut in 2 weeks. I'm hoping to include a lot more viewer content so if you have created apps please send them my way!


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    Editorial: AMD's VP for product marketing probably shouldn't give dating advice

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    Float! That's the word!

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    @Laura10: Zune doesn't & never will have speakers... Zune team told me speakers are to bulky & not necessary for entertainment, wow bright people working there. 
    Also zune support got killed off in Canada by Zune why, because it didn't do good, why because they actually said zune music is coming in 6 months after launch = reason why I bought one at launch, then 6months later they said next year music is coming, then they canceled zune support all together.
    & most likely when wp7 launches they still won't launch zunehd & Zune music up here for another year... again & just lie, but keep giving us the broken zune "music videos" with a whole 5 m-videos to pick from. Netflix xbox360 beta has better service/selection.
    The Xbox Team has more brains in a bowel movement. 
    Did the boss man of zune team get made fun of by a Canadian at some point? Cause it sure seems like some one is holding a grudge against us. Or do they think 32+Million people is not a big enough population to launch a good product to? maybe they are in USA #1 Only mode & still think there is a population of 50 up here & we live in igloos.
    At lease ever other department of Microsoft is worth spending money on "except Office's price: $200 for outlook or $200 for word, powerpoint & onenote.... wtf"
    17 days to Kinect & counting!

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    , thunell wrote

    I'm buying a Samsung Omnia 7. Can't wait..

    It's an Omnia 7 for me too (I think). I liked the larger storage on the HD7 but it looks like it is going to be crazy expensive here in the UK Sad


    Another great show and can't wait for the Hot Apps show, just can't get enough Laura on our screens Smiley

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       Good  Job  !

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    Can't wait for the Hot Apps show either!

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