Ping 80: Office 365, Ozzie blogs, Oprah loves Kinect, Re-Tweeting Fail

Play Ping 80: Office 365, Ozzie blogs, Oprah loves Kinect, Re-Tweeting Fail
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It's the best time of the year! Time for ghosts, goblins and hot stories from the land of Microsoft.On this episode of Ping, Laura & Paul bring you all the news...with as straight faces as possible,

Office 365 is here!

Ozzie Blogs! Rockin!

Oprah knows best

The dangers of re-tweeting


Happy Halloween!



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The Discussion

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    Wow, I saw the title card and burst out laughing at work, my co-workers are staring at me.

    Great show, great costumes, great content.  I was quite surprised to hear Ray leaving so soon after his arrival.  I really hope the innovation continues and I can't wait to buy out my iPhone contract for my first ever Windows Phone!

    You two should wear American Gothic next week, it would be priceless!


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    do an episode of ping where paul goes speeddating and er.. using apps stuff.  Big Smile

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    Looking good!!


    No word on the Halo-fest yet?

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    Seesmic for Desktop is lame. It doesn't support multi-touch.

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    5 stars for the costumes. hint Smiley

    So Paul, if you went as a douchebag, did you have a hot chick with you? Cos it doesn't really work otherwise. We need photos!

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    I love this girl!! so bad!!!

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    Paul should dress up as the main character from various 8 BIT games.  Well heck, both of you should.

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    I knew! that if I came and watched you guys i'd find the Perfect Silverlight Application for Social network Conglomeration!

    Thanks Paul, and Luara!

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