Ping 83: SQL Pass, Windows Phone Updates, Xbox Use

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On this episode of Ping Laura & Paul debate the latest new stories and give you all the scoop from Microsoft this week.

PASS recap

Windows Phone Updates

What do you do with YOUR xbox?



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The Discussion

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    Kinect in the hospital, that's what I want to see!!! Therapy and recongition. when can i start talking to my XBox and telling it what to do? I'd love Netflix "Netflix" Search, "The man who knew too little"  Big Smile great ideas coming!!!

    how about XDev, what are the next Dev projects coming that we dont' hear about until 6 months before their RTM release? Office 20XX or Windows 8, we all know that Microsoft has changed their Release schedules based on demand. but the idea for the next gen product is formulated before the current product even reaches RTM. lets hear about those stories Big Smile


    Also, Stuff Giveaways! can I have a chan9 man?! or a Tshirt, (the infamous collection of MS Tshirts is astounding, and fills two drawers Big Smile, Yes the are worn Smiley)

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    Speaking of career history:

    Paul, let me tell you how Laura got to Channel 9.

    She actually finished a phd in computer science at MIT. Then Laura applied for a job at the SQL Server team as a peer to peer replication developer. But then someone noticed that she laughs exactly like Gillian Anderson (Scully from the x-files). So they said: "we have to let her make some jokes about windows phone 7 or something on our internet TV channel".

    Don't listen to rhm. We all know that MS Atlanta is cool.

    Cool at least as.. umm... well, playing D&D which someone born at 83 would probably do as well.


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    Have someone from the Surface team on your show.  I was hoping there would be some updates regarding Surface at PDC10.  Nothing.  Would be good to hear about "Future of Surface" similar to upcoming Silverlight FireStarter.  Any news/updates coming for Surface Toolkit Beta for Windows?

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    HAhahaha Meir! Paul LOVES D&D! You nailed it!


    @shaggygi- good idea! I'll try to book a Surface Rep on a show in teh near future, thanks!


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    Haha, I almost feel bad about disrespecting Paul's project now.

    I've got a friend who's a SQL Server DBA and I'm sure he's really excited (no, I haven't asked him), but even though I use SQL Server sometimes, it's hard to get excited about it compared to phones and xbox and the F# compiler being open-sourced Wink


    btw. my avatar is Tux, the Linux mascot, being strung up. I set it a long long time ago to wind up a user that used to troll here all the time about how great Linux was. I don't really hate Linux. And the funny thing about it is that the picture wasn't made by Windows or Mac users, but by some BSD unix users.


    As for stuff to do on the show. Isn't there a dance game for the Kinect? Since Paul and Laura have both been in cheesy spoof dance videos, I think you should have a Kinect dance-off Smiley

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    rhm - Sometimes I wish I was an XBOX MVP (they have such MVP - for real!) rather than a SQL Server MVP.

    I wonder what they do. Do they have to play on XBOX for a living?


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    Since you have been using databases for a long time Paul, how is your relationship to MySQL? I have been using it for a while now because the server I have worked on has been running on it. How is Microsoft dealing with the competition to MySQL?

    And for the Kinect, make a online MMPORG avatar world where you can control your avatar, interact with other users (A lot like SecondLife/Habbo). I belive this will be a HUGE success for Kinect, and Microsoft is gonna pwn even more with the Kinect (Even though Kinect is 1337 epic pwnage).

    To sum up, awesome show again, lots of interesting stuff!

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    @Laura10:Thanks!  If possible, try to get one of the big guns from Surface like Robert Levy.

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    Who is Robert Levy? He doesn't work for Microsoft.


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    Back to career history, here is my point:


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    @Laura10:I thought he was a Program Manager for Surface.  Well, I thought he was anyway???  I've seen some good videos he put on....

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    I agree with SkyHoshi – The version next stuff would be great Office/Windows/Server maybe not full details but just to enough to get people talking. Give-a-ways are always fun!

    Guess appearances from other groups WP7 /surface/ xbox

    Talking about Xbox - I have one in my kitchen just for media center extender! Oh, what about a halo update?

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    Speaking of WP7. Went to a different store last night to check out new WP7 phone. But salesmen refused to show me a working version. At least they had a dummy version :), some stores don't even have a dummy and still refuse to show working version.
    How people are going to buy it, I don't know. All I know whenever I was and asked for WP7 these stores actually had a very nice collection of WORKING Apple products, iPads, iPhones, iPods etc. While for WP7, no ads, no mention, no showcase :(.

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    Nice to hear Laura's apps show is actually happening.
    One thing I might suggest is to put those videos on Youtube also. Not everyone is going to find them if they're only on C9. You're much more likely to stumble upon them while researching new phones if they're on Youtube and Vimeo.

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    Robery Levy used to be on the Surface team but recently left Microsoft.


    I've taken the project lead role to bring together all the individual efforts for open source Kinect libraries. You should see the OpenKinect mailing list (585+ members so far!)

    and the combined community effort is here:


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    Another nice episode of the Original Ping. I haven't missed any of the Episode.

    Yes, I would like to hear from Laura how she got into Channel9.

    I like Laura presenting the show full of energy. I hope if I meet her someday, she'll be as jolly cheerful in real life also.

    Waiting for HotApps show to make its debut.

    And regarding Kinect - 1 million Kinect sold for Xbox 360 units worldwide in 10 days !!! 

    Great !!

    And regarding WP7 , its seems to be a slow starter but I'm sure it'll catch up with updates coming up. Its a great phone whatever I have seen. Yet to get hold of it as its not yet launched here.

    Wish to see Laura more active on twitter and Paul on his RTs

    Its my 5 Star rating for Original Ping !!!



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    Ashith Raj

    when is Hulu Plus and AT&T U-verse coming to XBOX360.. this will make very house have one XBOX360... roll it on.....

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    hi there
    i want the return of episodes featuring laura and tina in the show

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    speaking of lfoy's history, I was watching "We Live In Public" on hulu and found that laura was a co-host for an Online/Chat/TV website called You can find the movie . You can see where the movie starts talking about and laura's pink here around 9:37 minutes into the movie.

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    It's true, that's me! I've actually been creating online interactive content since 1998!

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    hey, i was made in 83 Big Smile woo, november rules

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    My XBox is used for nothing but gaming.  I'm on at least 3 hours total a day and if I'm not playing MW2, COD4, or Duke Nukem 3D... I'm playing a demo or watching a video.  My friends usually use it for Netflex unless they get a new game (lately it's been Black Ops); and they play that for a good few hours till they go to bed then they watch a movie.  I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing that the XBox is only played with 60% of the time.  It's kind of like it's the ultimate media tool.  I know with my PS3 THAT is actually my most used paper weight... unless I play Uncharted 2.
    Great video, I'm going to register and such.  Nice to see Laura Foy again. :D

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    I'd say my time on Xbox is split up to be: 65% gaming, 20% watching Netflix, 10% being in a chat with friends while playing PC games, and 5% doing absolutely nothing in Away mode.

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