Ping 84: Visual Search WP7 apps, Kinect Art, Lync, Facebook & Office

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On this episode of Ping, Laura is joined by special guest Adam DePue to give their insight into the top stories from Microsoft this week. Here's a sampling of the dishes served:

Facebook & Office

Visual search for WP7 apps- COOOL!

Fastest growing apps...really?

Kinect ART

Lync is here



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The Discussion

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    Another good show and nice to see Adam make a return.

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    People even controlled their Windows 7 PC with Kinect. Is this actually legal? Or is it aggainst some rules/terms-of-use or something?

    Awesome show Big Smile

    - Martin

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    Even if Adam gave some nice remarks the energy between hosts is missing... after a few minutes it became borring... just another show giving some computer stuff.

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    its totaly legal Smiley all they're doing is using kinect as a camera, the ms proprietary stuff is the tracking algorithms and those havent been cracked

    primesense also isnt bothered since noone has cracked their structured light algorithm, people are just using the output of from their chip Smiley

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    Whats up with these two, either could be a great host but together they are terrible, they keep talking over each other, cutting in inapropriately and repeating each other, theres no structure. So unproffessional. Urgh couldn't finish watching. They really hate each other don't they Smiley

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    @Laura, are you telling me that you didn't know that Paul Thurrott does a weekly Microsoft-centric video netcast/podcast with Leo Laporte?

    I ask only because you mentioned him as if you'd never heard of him before.


    Embarrassingly for me, the day that this was posted was the first time that I realized that Adam DePue is not Adam Kinney. Sorry, Adams!

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    Hey silverlight works in opera, since when?
    <a href="">short term memory test</a>

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    Side note: does anyone still use search connectors in Win7? Channel 9's osdx stopped working. I uploaded a fixed version

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    I lol'd at the stupid sound FX at the end. You should bring him back sometime, he was funny.

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    The Kinect camera will soon be compatible with the new Lync corporate video chat program, Microsoft announced today.The update will potentially allow businesses to communicate between the "boardroom and the living room." (via ZDNet ) Formerly known as 70-545 Office Communicate, Lync features an audio and video conferencing tool; voice call service and instant messaging service.

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