Ping 86: Zuckerberg & Gates, Windows Phone App Stats, Kinect wins, Halo Wars stays

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The Discussion

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    Awesome! Big Smile Got an Xbox since the last time you mentioned the Halo match, where should I submit my gamer tag to join?

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    Send you guys an email with some lovely pictures to use as backdrop. I'm curious if you know / can figure out where those are taken!

    I'm sure at least 3 fellow niners know!

    Great show! But I'm with Paul, the dog is scary Tongue Out


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    @CKurt, nooo the dog it cute, though not the handbag type dog I thought Laura would have.

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    Tigan is a ferocious beast!

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    It's a TIGERRR. ;)

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    Tigan's adorable!

    Is she a Pit Bull mix? She looks like my Pitt/Grayhound mix.

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    Tigan in Romanian means Gypsy

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    Tigan is a pit bull / shar pei mix....she was a rescue. I though Tigan meant "beautiful" in Gaelic when I named her- found out later I was wrong!


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    Sergio Montano

    Gracias espero ver lo bien que se a visto gracias

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    Laura, (since you're more vocal than Paul...) 

    Could you please go call some people up and have them add Channel9 podcasts on the international Zune marketplace?

    Or pehaps I'm just blonde and I never realized you're US-only property... But somehow Zune software still doesn't allow podcasts over here in Europe...


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    Some microsoft employee needs to push WP7 on the Philippines T_T;

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